Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get me outtttttttta here!

Photo booth time!!!

Dressed and ready...

Ready to see my Mommy and Daddy!

The little one...

Is getting ready for the wedding!

Someone is having a good afternoon....

Lovely day Mommy!

Good Morning Mommy!

Dr. Mommy... you forgot something and we have been going a little bananas.  Thank goodness Pamela came early!

My man again...

Brick wall...

C  to Barb - "you do not get paid to take photos Annie Leibovitz".

My boyfriend...

How cute is he?  

Friday, September 30, 2011

Did you hear?

My Mommy had a baby and I got a Bradley!

I have the best Pet Sitter ever...

Dinner with the gang...

Another wedding...

We love to do weddings!  We have another one tomorrow evening.  Barb gets to take the little son all dressed up.  Stay tuned for photos...  He is a cute little noodle bug!

Happy face!

Poor fish...

Yea for us!  
Good year Mother Nature...
Keep up the good work!

Good workout Bradley!

Now... Leave!

Can these be considered lunch on a Friday?


I mean you never know when you might need it I guess...

Joy joy joy

Watchin' it works...

Baby P lost 2 lbs#  Now only 14#

They are kicking it in the new kitchen...  

Thursday, September 29, 2011


My husband came home and fixed it within seconds.  Really makes me mad.  Wasted HOURS.

Now - let me start working again...


My AOL font size just changed to - I don't know a 1 and I have no idea (nor can I see) to fix it.  I am working off of the I phone so if I don't respond quickly...  I am working on it.

I sent a "help request".

Someone come toss my computer from the 3rd floor and you can toss me too...  

Barb calls this a fussin!


New Orleans On Tap to benefit the Louisiana SPCA | Blog of New Orleans

This is always a GREAT time...

New Orleans On Tap to benefit the Louisiana SPCA | Blog of New Orleans:

'via Blog this'

Wait - where are the cookies?


xoxo our new man candy!  

Cracks me up every time...

Does it get better than this hair do? 

What are you here for?

Sick again...

Poor sweet darlin...  just hanging and watching QVC!

I need all the help I can get today...

"Do you know how awesome you are?  I mean really, you rock!!"

See what happens when I am in the office all day!   I will stop...

Photos to follow...  

Love getting these emails...

Hi Nicole,

From your loyal friends, C and N B, and their trusty dog N
(who desperately misses Bradley, Sawyer and Enzo!).

"N getting into Halloween spirit a little bit early."


"I am N. You will obey me. Now come over here and give me treats!"

I hope all is well in NOLA.  We really miss being there.

Geaux Saints!


I hate when our clients move!  We sure miss ya'll both and
think 2+ years away from NOLA is long enough!

Come back y'all... 


We should ALL meet here in a few minutes and have a.... I don't care what we call it:
Lunch & Learn
Staff Meeting 
Team Meeting
Client Mixer


This made me so happy this morning!

"All worked out fine with my opened FedEx packet.
You all are the BEST for alertING me immediately.
Yall are soooooooooo much more than “pet people”…….LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!"

We love and appreciate y'all too...  more than I can express.!  

I favor a fish storm...

Hoping black and yellow move a bit closer to blue!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have such cute chicks here!

Hard day...

Hard day today... trying to shake it!  It is so hard to loose clients y'all!  Cuddles your babies today... Cuddles hard.

Walkin' is good for your heart...

Look what I won last PM!

I love the Roman Candy Man! 

Trying to make our day a happier day!

Love you Mommy!

We loved you...

My sweet darling boy left us this morning...  We all loved you... loved to cuddles you, loved when you gave me stitches, loved when you hid from us but love when you kissed us back too.  Even though you hated Bradley he always loved you.   Watch over your Mommy because she is going to have a very hard time not having you around.  Keep you eye on baby Q too... he will notice that his BFF is not on the bed...

Sleep well sweet darling...  sleep well.