Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby E and I working in the office!

We are on vacation!

Saturday - 6.11 ~ Benefit for Millie

Canine Connection/Canine Culture are hosting a HOT DAWG WASH... a benefit for Millie. Millie has been diagnosed with a very rare cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma and has botryoid tumors growing in her neck and bladder. Only 8-12 cases are documented in the US and Millie is the first dog with this type of cancer in New Orleans. She is only 2 years old and a client of Canine Connection. She was also trained by our FAVORITE trainer in the world... Elizabeth.

Dog Wash ~ $15.00 (includes ears!)
Hot Dawg Lunch ~ $5.00 (Hot Dog, Chips & Soda)
Lunch for doggies ~ $3.00 (Hot Dog & Biscuit)

Canine Connection
4920 Tchoupitoulas Street
Saturday the 11th
10am - 2pm

Hope to see you at Canine Connection!

Left over funds will be donated to Animal Cancer Research. Contact Besty Stoner at for more information.

How I love you New Orleans!

Pamela gets the best...

Happy place...

Monday, June 6, 2011

HENRI! - AKA- Groceries

Groceries just jumped up and grabbed a mouth full of Jolly Ranchers from a bowl and ate them... plastic wrap and all. This kid... I tell ya!

Henri's new favorite thing...
Guilty face


It's springtime and it is kitten and puppy season. PAWS has lots of kittens and puppies and we are in desperate need of puppy and kitten canned food (preferably pedigree but any kind will do). So, if you can, next time you are at the store, please pick up a couple cans for our homeless babies. You can drop off at our new shelter located at: 449 F. Edward Hebert Dr.

Walkin' Bradley makes me happy!

We live for the week day walkin' Pamela!

On fire!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flea activity for New Orleans

Flea Activity for New Orleans, LA (70115) from TWC

All cats and dogs are susceptible to flea infestations, except for some that live in high elevations or in extremely dry environments. You can help your pet win the war on fleas by knowing your flea season, which is largely influenced by temperature and humidity. The following graph factors past weather data to illustrate when fleas are most likely to be active in your area.

I love this site...

My wonderful client shared this site with me... I love it!

Loves her some Bradley...

And he loves him so D!

Nothing better...

Than opening the Sunday paper and seeing TONS of clients on the "Parties and Society" page!

Hello - Pamela - I am a late sleeper...

Feed me, give me treats, cuddles me and let me go back to bed!

Found 6.5 - Does she look familiar?

This little girl was found yesterday around 10300 River Road around River Ridge/Kenner. Please cross post... we would love to help her find her home.