Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby B thinking about "next steps"...

And/or - What Bradley? face

Heads up Parents - TD9 - NOW Gaston

Just something to keep an eye on!

You want us to walk in the rain?

Holy thunder Batman!

No! No! No! Will we survive?

09.09.10 - Saints Game

It is a crazy day already... It is like a mix between Carnival, Jazz Fest and a major holiday CRAZY rolled into one!

FYI y'all... We are totally booked from 3:30PM on that day! If you are holding a reservation, please make sure to cancel 24 hours prior to avoid fee.

Dear Mother Nature:

I am voting for either the black or orange routes!
Don't ruin what we have going on around here...
Thanks in advance.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

K5 reflection...

I love my city... love that I was born here and raised "just down the street"!

I will never forget what happened... It hurt so bad.

I will never forget hearing about those friends that were missing and those that died...

I will never forget the clients and friends that we never had the opportunity to say goodbye to.

I will never forget how difficult rebuilding my home and business was...

I will never forget those that helped me get past those dark days...

Thank you Mom and Dad for your home, Derek for the nightly concerts and daiquiris!, my Wendy's International family for all of the love, support and T-shirts! Oh...and for having that convention in Las Vegas in October 05... I needed it! And to my dear husband... for your love and support.

Thank you to our pre and post Katrina clients for sticking with us and choosing us. And to my team those past and current. I am grateful for you...

New Orleans Pet Care was always a dream of mine. Silly perhaps - but my dream... realized and reborn.

Viva New Orleans! Onward...