Friday, December 3, 2010

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December 1, 2010 Update:


New Orleans City Council alloted $200,000 more to the budget for Animal Control. While this is not what we proposed we were pleased to see that the council recognized the need for more funding. We are committed to Animal Control in New Orleans and will be working with the city to determine what services we can provide.

Thank you to all of our supporters for letting the Council know how important Animal Control is to you. Please take a moment and let your councilmember know we appreciate their support.


2010 Animal Control Contract Status:

The City of New Orleans reduced funding for the LA/SPCA for 2010. Because there was only enough funding for 9 months, the LA/SPCA is providing emergency only services for the last 3 months of the year. LA/SPCA will continue to provide the following services out of our commitment to the quality-of-life of our companion animals and our community:
  1. Emergency response to humans injured or attacked by animals and emergency response to injured animals between 9 am and 5 pm (Mon. - Fri.)
  2. Bite case investigation and management during regular business hours
  3. Drop off location for found or unwanted animals 9 am and 5 pm (Mon. Fri.)
  4. Lost and found services
  5. Housing and humane care (food, shelter and veterinary care) for animals brought by the public.
  6. Adoption and re-homing of cats and dogs.
  7. Humane euthanasia and cremation for unadoptable animals.

LA/SPCA is unable to provide:

  1. Disaster Evacuation Assistance: LA/SPCA will not open and operate a temporary shelter for animals during tropical storm conditions or provide staffing for City Assisted Evacuation of Companion Animals prior to landfall of a major storm.
  2. After-hours Services: All calls received outside of regular business hours (Mon. - Fri) will be routed to NOPD. This includes weekend and holidays.
  3. Bite Case Quarantine: Animals that bite humans will need to be held by private veterinarians and billed to the City of New Orleans.
  4. Stray Animal Collection: LA/SPCA will not actively trap or collect strays roaming the streets in Orleans Parish. We will take in and provide care to strays brought to our shelter by the public and NOPD.
  5. Intact Dog Ordinance: City of New Orleans will be responsible for enforcement.
  6. Inspection of stables for mules used as transportation.
  7. Owner requested relinquishment in the field.


The City of New Orleans has proposed reducing the funding for Animal Control 28.6% from $2,150,000 (which only covered 9 months) to $1,500,000. The LA/SPCA has requested $2,500,000 to provide routine Animal Control for 12 months. We are currently negotiating, but need your help. Please let your city representative know this is important to you and to your community.

Other Budget Facts:

  • While the LA/SPCA has historically contributed an average of 41% a year to provide City Services, the LA/SPCA is unable to provide the City with year-round services for the amount proposed.
  • The LA/SPCA has worked closely with the City Council to create revenue streams to help close this gap. In 2010, the LA/SPCA generated more than $250,000 of the funding needed through the collection of Rabies Licensing fees, Adoption fees, and other fines and fees.
  • To provide 100% of Animal Control services it would cost the City of New Orleans less than ½ of 1% of its General fund. The General fund represents 80% of the total City budget.

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