Monday, July 11, 2011

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Our transport Mommy made my day... This may sound silly but from the moment we commit to taking on the responsibility of your pets we do consider them ours. We want/expect only the best too. It is so rewarding to get feedback!

Thanks AR!

AR - So, after the phone call at 2 am this morning from my mom telling me that the animals had missed their flight in Houston to New Orleans (knowing they had a 5 hour layover)...I call Continental to find out they can't be cleared through Customs on a Sunday. Hello....shouldn't they have known that?
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    • AR - Thank God that I have New Orleans Pet Care that absolutley took care of everything on the other end! Nicole Douget, you are amazing! If anyone needs care for their pets in New Orleans, this is the lady to call!!!! :-) Thank you so, so, so much!!!!

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