Monday, August 22, 2011


I got this email today for Bailey's Mommy... this always just breaks my heart. Pamela said Bailey was one of the sweetest little boys ever. Bailey - Pamela wanted me to tell you that she will miss you jumping on the counter and supervising her during the visits. She told me that she hopes you get lots of Toppers up there sweet baby. We love you... rest darling boy.

Hi Nicole -- you were right, Bailey let us know when he was ready.  We put him  to sleep on Friday, and he's buried next to our pond in Mississippi.  Please  tell Jessica and Pamela that Bailey thanks them for all the good care -- he had  a long life, and we did everything we could.  We estimated he was 16, but he  could have been older, who knows -- he found me in 1997 and saved me in many  ways.

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