Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give your baby a big hug for our sweet little Oakley

Thank you G.G. for letting me share this.  16 incredible years with such wonderful parents.  I love all of you and we will be thinking about you today...  

Her note...  

saying goodbye to a 16 year old dog is more a celebration of her life than mourning her passing. our dear oakley closed her eyes yesterday, as gracefully and peacefully as she lived her entire life. i couldn't have loved her more if she had stood on two legs and called me "mom"   thankfully, s and i won't have to miss her ; she will always be as close as our hearts

 on thanksgiving, please offfer a prayer that all the 4 legged's in the world might have an "oakley life", 16 years on this planet of  fun ,love, and health . she spent snowy weekends in wisconsin, time on the beach in massachusetts, and she enjoyed hiking in colorado. she had "siblings" who worshipped  and respected her, and human parents who never spent a night without her. there areso many deserving pooches behind bars , who would be grateful for just a day for the freedom and love oakley enjoyed every day. we all have the power to help make that dream of so many doggies, come true !

we are so ok with this new reality. oakley's life ended with grace and sweetness, with loving hands petting her, in the back yard she adored, surrounded by the familiar scent of flowers and grasses. it was serene and meaningful, the way she would have wished to pay forward her very beautiful nature.  kisses,g

What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task.
-Viktor E. Frankl

Minutes before Ned arrived, still beautiful and relaxed !! Don't cry Nicole, was 
such a sweet surrender !! 

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