Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to my little Derek

I was nine years old when we adopted Derek.  I vividly remember the day he arrived as our Foster Child.  I walked in and picked him up and very rarely put in down from that point forward.  For years my Mom always said "Niki - put him down or he will never learn to walk".  In 1976 my Parents were determined to give Derek a home to adopt Derek vs Foster only, but it was a fight.  It was not "acceptable" in the eyes of the State of Louisiana.  It was not easy but they stood their ground and fought. I was always so scared they would come take him away before he was adopted... that is how my nine year old mind worked. The day he was adopted was one of the best days ever. 

I know it is abundantly obvious... I love him so much and so very proud.  He will always be my little Brother, and one of my greatest blessings.  Happy Birthday Derek.  I love you.  

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