Thursday, December 11, 2014

Musings… only because I can’t post photos.

Why do I stay with Blogger and not move to Word Press? 

When dogs see police dogs do they think… oh my goodness the police?

Spoke to a new to New Orleans lady whom we can’t help.  She purchased a home off Frenchman and is not happy. She said it is horribly loud and that she can’t get rest.  She said if she wanted to live like that she would have purchased a house on Bourbon Street.  Uhhhh – Hello… you sort of did. That is like buying a house on the street car line and complaining about the street car noise. 

We got a jar of tarter sauce from Fresh Market…(Don’t ask) and after we opened it and they sort of ate it, we discovered it expired in May of 2013.  Ironic?

Is it odd that we layer clothing when it is 55ish outside?  Bless those dealing with 27ish outside today!  I bet they don't layer.  

We can all hope that I can post photos later because I am sure no one wants to hear me ramble.  But really - think about the police dog thing!

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