Friday, August 28, 2015

Sunday - August 28, 2005

7am Katrina was upgraded to Category 5, @10am a mandatory evacuation order was issued and at 12pm the Superdome opened as shelter of last resort. 

I remember having conscious sleep... hoping that we would wake up and that Katrina would have miraculously moved or weakened. Neither happened and I remember turning on the news and sitting at the edge of my bed and crying uncontrollably. I was born here... I knew full well that this is "the one" that was always talked about. We all know that we live in a saucer... All I could think about was all of those people that were going to try to stay and ride it out and all of those that HAD to stay and I was considering doing the same. I had to talk to my baby Brother first. I was going to do whatever he did. 

Remy and I took off on our last morning walk and I remember crying when I walked out of the door because I was sad that the trees would never be the same. Seems silly now... It was a beautiful morning. The birds were chirping and the sky was blue. It was a quieter morning as a lot of people left Saturday night or earlier Sunday morning. My last walk was quiet and slow and I cried the entire time.

After much discussion with my company, my family and considering NOLAPC, I decided it was best to go to Gonzales and be ready to come back after the storm passed. I had my "animal rescue pass" and had a feeling it would be needed and used... I just had no idea how much so.

I spoke to Derek and we decided that we would all leave at 4PM and take the "back way" to our home in Ascension Parish. I spent the entire day cleaning house because I did not want to come back to a messy house. I often tell people I wish I would have realized that I was rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I had to get it done before we left. I packed three bags for Remy... his beds, his blankets, food, medication... chew toys, toys, etc.. I packed three pairs of pants, three t-shirts, tennis shoes, a pair of PJs and undergarments for three days ohhh and my toothbrush. NOTHING ELSE. Derek and his wife got here at about 3ish and we all walked to the third floor to secure the balcony doors. I remember someone asking me what I was taking and I said "Remy, Derek and Mike".. that was the only thing that mattered to me. I distinctly remember telling them I could live without everything in this house as long as I had my family. 

When you know the back roads, and you are only going an hour away, and when you leave at the 11th hour... well, evacuation is not that difficult. It only took us three ish hours. We arrived at our family home and we drank more wine that night than I had ever had before or ever have again. No one slept... we stayed up all night. 

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