Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wow - I really needed to get this email today...

Owning a company is no joke. It is so rewarding but can be so challenging. I started to cry when I got this yesterday afternoon. This is why I can't let one person change the culture of my company and how I have done things. 

I would not trust my babies to anyone else. Your team has been loyal to me for over almost 9 years with S and all of her jumpy bad behavior. I remember way back when and still have the journals that document how her crate training was soooooo difficult. I remember you would text me during the day when I was at work as a resident MD to tell me she did not have an accident in the crate and how relieved I was to hear we were making progress if only for that day. I know how challenging it is to deal with these 3 dogs. We both know they are old enough now that they can hold it for a regular work day, but I will not deprive them of their daily visit by your crew because they are my "children." Words can not express how much confidence I have in your team and how appreciative I am that I can go to work knowing they are in good hands. 

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