Friday, February 17, 2017

Time out for this...

First this happened... You see it? Seated at the desk? This is a photo taken on my 3rd floor. Look under the top of the work area.

I finally shook that off and started sleeping and now this... 

For a few months, I have had a lizard living in my bedroom. I see him hanging out on the curtain in the morning... Remy loved lizards. (In a I am going to kill you sort of way.) So, everyone has been telling me that it is just Remy visiting. That was fine until two nights ago! I could not sleep so I decided to read on my Iphone. I was minding my own business in my bed when all the sudden a lizard tail brushed my hand. I screamed, threw the comforter, stood up in the bed and woke everyone up in the house! Now I can't sleep AT. ALL. He looked like this but was a darker color.  
Actually - I think it looked more like this - BY MY HAND IN MY BED.

I have been visiting little ones all week with Addie and I am soooo sleepy! Can someone please come stand by my bed and watch over me while I sleep? I can't find him now. I know he was injured and is healing somewhere in my bedroom and is going to take revenge! 

The comforter is gone. Stupid name for it anyway and I am a few days from burning the entire bed. I think I can shove it out of my window. How does one go about trapping a lizard? 


Now back to regularly scheduled business. YAWN. 

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