Thursday, March 19, 2020

The cat is out of the bag...

Regular blog readers put it together a long time ago... and really observant people figured it out when The Advocate ran a story with photos about the engagement...  Anyway - to settle nerves - 

... no, we have not been in direct contact with the baby daddy and are all just fine. Erin, Michelle and I take care of them and as I am sure our regular readers know, they are with me a good bit because Dad and Mom travel. So - all is well with us and Mom and Dad! Murphy (pictured here) is probably loving every moment of them being home.

Also - M can’t sit like a normal dog on a sofa and his high pony is still looking fabulous. (See past blog posts) 

Also2 - His sister is not in the photo because I know her well enough to know she is up to no good but I love her. 

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