Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baywater Bark Market Results

I received this email earlier today and wanted to share these great results with everyone. What a great effort to support the LA SPCA Heartworm Fund. Every dollar counts!

"What a great day! The weather was PERFECT and we had great crowds all day! Since we charged a voluntary admission fee this time, we were able to get a pretty accurate count of around 700 people (and probably about 400 dogs)! And 32 dogs got a bath…!

This Bark Market raised $3,726 for the LA-SPCA heartworm fund! Two dogs were adopted and one went into a foster home. There were fewer adoptions than October, but we raised a lot more money! Thanks to all who volunteered, participated, donated and especially to those who washed the dogs!

The next Bark Market is October 17, and we are beginning early to try and nail down some larger sponsors to pay for more advertising, as well as to nail down the microchips and a vet - who we may have to just hire for the day to do the chipping - since the free microchipping fell through time at the last moment.

We’ll be in touch again this summer for the October event, and if you know anyone else who would like to participate or donate, please have them contact us.

Thanks again to all,


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