Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday - LEEave!

Good morning! All of our doggy babies are up and at um! We are still working on all of our kitty cats. We had to struggle to get around this morning but have been on a roll for the past hour. We only had two houses that had no power (owners emailed) and only a few that we could not get into earlier but were able to get in a bit later. We have secured and continue to secure all of yards and took down hanging plants, etc... All of our little babies are just fine! We are getting ready to head out again for MID day puppy visits so we are hopeful that the rain will give us a few hours of just sprinkles. Paws crossed y'all! Don't hesitate to phone if you want to check in.

Special thanks to my team for braving the conditions... I have the best team ever!

Enjoy your trip y'all... Drink a fruity drink with an umbrella in it for us!

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