Friday, December 2, 2011

Heads up! Lost Afghan in New Orleans Area

I received this from one of our Afghan parents today.  Please cross post and share.  Lucy needs to find her way home.    

I was asked to cross post this to all my lists. I know there aren't any Afghan people down in New Orleans, but maybe if you send it to your lists, it will catch the eye of some New Orleans dog folk. Thanks. 

Dee Jones
Lagniappe Hounds

See Below:

Lucy is an 8 year old female black greyhound with white face.

Her home is on Oaklawn between Vets and West Esplanade - she has been spotted as far as Rebecca and West Esplanade right before Power. 

If you have information about this dog, please call (504) 722-8374


Linda Dantagnan, President
Greyhound Pets of America
Louisiana and Mississippi
(504) 828-1717, (504) 722-8374>

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