Friday, February 14, 2014

I can't post photos for some reason so... now you are stuck with my 8th & Prytania  observations...

Dear Mr. Man looking into my kitchen window:
stop it - you are creeping me out.  

Dear Mr. Landscaper Man:  
When you blow the sidewalk with that blower thing... I know you know you are blowing dirt at my front door.  I watch you like that creeper was watching me.  I do however appreciate you doing the job you do so thank you.  Now - dust my door. 

Dear Mailman:
When you come to my house daily, I get excited.  I am so sorry email, etc. has impacted your job.  I really am.  I love to check the mail but if you see that I am getting 4 Valpak things... you can totally have 3 of them.  Actually you can have all 4.  

Dear Clients:
I am going back to work now.  

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