Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ascension Parish Rescue

I made just one trip to Lamar Dixon today! When I pulled in, I noticed a huge change in activity and when I got to Barn 1 I was stunned... people everywhere just waiting to help! It was so inspiring. Thankfully Cara's/Ascension Parish Shelter was able to announce today that they are in "great shape" with donations and was able to post photographs of all of the pets in their care. 

The next step for them is getting back into the flood damaged shelter. It is going to be a long road ahead. They need money and if you are willing to give, I am collecting gift cards from home improvement and big box retail stores. If you can, just leave for one of my Team and I will gather and deliver! I know everyone is being pulled in lots of directions when it comes to giving at this time so I have no expectation. 

For those that do not know, although I was born in NOLA, I was raised in Ascension Parish. My family home is only two miles from the Ascension Shelter/Cara's. My heart is there... Also, you may recall that Lamar Dixon was where all of the Katrina rescues were sent post rescue. Had it not been for the people of Ascension Parish - the volunteers at Lamar Dixon, it would have been an impossible task. They never stopped supporting the effort... I was there the first day  and the last day (and many days in between) and Ascension Parish residents were there too. I have always felt we owe them a great debt. I hate that we had to pay it back but that is what we need to do and man... people are! 

Thanks for every one's patience with me... I sure appreciate it! My Team who never fail and our client's who gave so much... y'all are amazing! 

Onward and upward! 

Keep the donations coming... I will go every day until they do not need us anymore... just like they did for us! 

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