Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lamar Dixon - Barn 1 (Ascension Parish/Cara's House)

I have received a few emails about how things are going so I thought I would update a few things:

All of the kitty cats have been moved to a cat rescue group and the older and sickly dogs have been transported to other places or have been placed in foster homes.

The waiting period is over for all of the unclaimed babies and they have just over 200 pets in their care. That is so sad because everyone was very optimistic about putting families back together. 

A lot of medical support has been given... I don't know where all of this support came from but I have seen LSU tags. Ascension Parish Animal Hospital has began spay/neuter and chipping. 

They are so fortunate to have a lot of help during the day. Volunteers are showing up in droves at the assigned times. I hope that does not change soon but I have a feeling once school restarts in the parish it might.

Supply donations are being accepted again and they have been able to move them over to other shelters around South Louisiana. 

A huge thanks to everyone who sent things over and made monetary donations. They really appreciate it and I do too. 

Lastly, the bayou babies are ready for adoption. I am bringing them to be spayed on Monday. Tey are super good girls and will make amazing pets! 

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