Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lamar Dixon or bust...

I did not post an update yesterday... Monday's are way to short! Things are starting to settle a bit. They had a great group of volunteers yesterday and were able to move the massive "piles" (good thing) of donations to other shelters in need. 

I am going back every day so if you have anything you want to send either drop it off here or one of my Team Members can pick up. They have been given lots of things from big box pet stores and I think the big need now is money. Either directly to them or I am gathering gift cards. 

Things are starting to come to light with Ascension Parish Animal Shelter/Cara and the Parish President, Kenny Matassa that need to come to light. He and his family are no fans of this shelter and never have been. That is very well documented. I trust the residents and pet lovers in Ascension Parish  and Louisiana will make this man's life as miserable as he (and his son... google that one) have made it for the pets and pet lovers/saviors. 

Off to see the Bayou Babies and to Lamar! Thank goodness for my Team y'all. I could never do this without them...

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