Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The reason so many do not support PETA

PETA Euthanized a lot of it's Animals in 2014.

2,454 of 3,369 cats, dogs and other animals. 

When you start seeing "Keep PETA out of Louisiana Shelters" you will know why! Can you imagine... these pets have had so much to fight only to get on a transport controlled by PETA and perhaps be killed when they arrive? Me either. I am not saying they are going to kill them but it has happened at that shelter many times.

Here is a video of the flood animals arriving at their Norfolk shelter. It makes me so angry. Keep in mind, they came here on their own and rescued people's pets out of yards... They are not even being held for 10 day requirement that our State has.

If this makes you angry and you have some time, let them know.

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