Saturday, May 3, 2008

French Quarter Cats

Cats have been underestimated as pets for too long. Now that people are keeping their cats indoors and paying attention, they're learning that cats aren't aloof. They're cool. They're ironic. They're undeniably hip. You read it here first: Cats are the new dogs.
(From Times Picayune article 4/27/08, "What's In Store For Animals and Owners?")

So, as Nicole requested, here are photos of my cool, ironic, hip cats who live in the French Quarter (former Lakeview cats -- our choice to live in the "original" City after the storm). Stevie, Eddie, Rudy, Bailey (upside-down), and Emma.

Julie and Paul

Rain, Rain... GO AWAY!

La Maison GiGi is not as much fun when we can't swim! We are glad you extended your stay... we get one more night to play!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good morning!

Sawyer made me get up early for a long Garden Distrct walk! I am back in my "spot"... Going to take a nap until Jessica gets here. Have a good day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi Mom!

ok... and dad!
All is well... Bradley let us play (and by that we mean smell...) everything in our beautiful backyard! It was a very nice day in New Orleans...Skunky & LuLu are ok too. Bradley thinks Lulu likes the inside but plans her escape every time he walks in! Silly girl. Skunky could care less that y'all are gone. In fact... may prefer it!
Night Night!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Look at our new babies!

Sophie & Bella
"I can't wait to have them!"
xxoo - Jessica

Satchmo the frog assassin!

Hi world.

I have found my way home to New Orleans! Everyone is sooo friendly! Folks stop me on the street to oh and ahh over how cute I am. And music just floats by like the smell of crawfish and gardenia’s through the night air. I love it! I must find the source of that intoxicating crawfish fragrance.

I have even gotten to go on security patrol schedule drop off with mama and big (boy is he ever) brother Toulouse. Ok, she had to carry me most of the way (I get very sleepy trying to keep up with Toulouse) but I got to be a big dog all the way down Fontainebleau! YAY me! Kesey, my oldest big brother, and I have formed somewhat of an alliance. I let him sneak my puppy chow and he lets me snuggle in his big fluffy tail. We must be skilled and sneaky or mom will catch us.

That is my report. A lot has happened in my short 6 weeks. I left the country for city life. I got brand new parents who think the sun and the moon set and rise over me. I got 2 great big brothers. I have oodles of friends and lots of new aunts and uncles. I have a brand new plush bed AND I got my froggie!

I will try and remember to keep all of my friends updated as I grow. Mom says “I will be a big dog like my brothers someday”. I can hardly wait.

Puppy kisses,
Baby Satchmo

PS - I LOVE my stuffed frog mom and dad gave me when I came home. I’m gonna eat it all gone!

I am Satchmo the frog assassin.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear "Cat Ranch" Owners

Looks like the baby is ready for a Memorial Day trip!

The "Cat Ranch" has a new addition!

Thought we'd give you an update on developments at the Cat Ranch...I'm pleased to report that Meaty has not eaten the new baby - he has been surprisingly aloof with her, actually. He seems particularly interested in her vibrating baby seat, but otherwise he doesn't bother her...

On the other hand, we keep finding toy mice in the bassinet that we keep in our bedroom! I don't know if Bosco or Ti is the culprit, but we frequently go to put the baby down and find a mouse in the day I saw a mouse in there, and when I came back in the bedroom a few hours later, the mouse had been removed...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Remy

Today would be Remy's 13th birthday... I miss him so very much.
Enjoy each day... It goes by so very fast.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

European Holiday

Week two… do we look stressed? Jessica loves spending the extra time and they love it too. She reports that the house looks like (pardon me) a hurricane hit. Cat toys and Q-Tips every where.