Saturday, October 12, 2013

Henri and my seizures...

Forgive my arm shaking (bad arm, long day)...  I just saw this story on NBC Nightly News (yes - I should get a life).  I started having seizures earlier this year and was diagnosed with a Meningionma.  I am seriously fine but I am going to have it (them) removed.  That is not what is not why I am blogging - With the exception of one seizure, Henri has told me about them.  The first time I had one, the entire day, he was on top of me... my feet again and again, my lap, in the chair I sit in, followed into every room, pawed me, sat on my feet, sat in the chair next to me with his paws in my lap, sat in front of me and looked at me for long periods of time and would give up and lay on my feet.  If you choose to watch the story - he is not trained either but trust the fact that I listen to him now and he has been spot on. They are so much more intuitive than we are. 

I love you little boy!  


I have frustrated my best friend in the world countless times, stood in the garage so I would not hear my babies, had people on speaker phone (I hate doing that), used those stupid ear things to talk to people (I hate that too) and finally... the new phone has arrived.

Yup - I jumped. Scared me...

Sending tons of love...

These are cute!

Sending love from NOLA...

Rescuing a terrified abandoned dog - The transformation will amaze you! ...


My wake up!


Justsayin -

Someone should make garanimals for adults.


Max and his friend Nacho!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Yet you can't hear when I tell you to stop something...

You like my hair?

I am always STARBIN.

Funny -

They are so excited to go outside... equally excited to go in for the cookie!

Need to dress your kitty cats?

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I admit it - I did it so what?!

I am not a huge fan of Dog Shaming but - some of these are super funny!

20 Ways to Shame Your Dog - It's Better Than Training:

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My close up!

Good one!

Wild Nutria dog treats from Louisiana....

Super interesting! 

So happy!


rollin honey!

One of us is a tad more motivated...

The best part...

The Difference Between Dogs And Cats

This made me laugh so hard!

The Difference Between Dogs And Cats:

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Hi Mommy! xoxo from NOLA

We get 1 hour to walk Bradley!

Seriously Isabelle?

Good ones!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Is this problem limited to me?

I might -

Be getting a touch of arthritis but I am a fantastic actress sooooo... I am taking meds and milking it for what it is worth!

Remember the puppy? Well - getting bigger!

I decorated.

Rhonda Faye - OUT

Time out for this "No white flags" moment...

I sent an email, had a interesting conversation today and not long thereafter saw this again...  It reminded me -

It is not about a promotion...

Passing or failing a test...

Growing a company - but making sure those that you take care of know - they are more important than growing.  

Making sure your loved ones (both 2 and 4 legs) know that you would move a mountain to make them feel loved.  

It reminded me that we have no excuse nor should we make excuses to do anything less than reaching for the moon and back.  

No white flags...  Steve Gleason - You continue to teach and inspire me.  Thanks for the reminder and trust - I continue to look to you for more. 

I love our client posts - you gotta admit these are pretty good too!

Another keepin it classy NOLA sticker...

She could do this all day everyday...

Her adoring Daddy lets her do it everyday with us!

They need to eat.

I should not put my head on the table...

These two were just abandoned...

Can you help?

Hello fellow animal lovers, 

I rescued the two kittens in the attached picture over the weekend. My husband and I got them out of a house where the tenants were evicted and they left them behind. They are about 5 months old I'd say. Very sweet, loving and playful with pretty green eyes. Both have white bellies and paws. Let me know if you know anyone that would like one or if you can forward this around. 

I'm trying to find homes for them instead of bringing them to the shelter if I can avoid it. My cell is (504) 250-5049 - anytime is great. I just want to find them homes if I can. I already have 2 inside cats and 2 outside cats I adopted so I can't take anymore right now.  My e-mail is