Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sweet baby Cane...

The time has come for all of us to let you go. You are such an amazing little baby... I told your Mom today that I keep thinking that you are playing with Remy and Arrow now. We loved you so much Cane and we are so grateful that your Mom shared your life with us. Sleep with the angels little man. Another one of our babies will be new today too - His name is Killian and you will love him too. Watch over your Mom and Dad because this will not be easy for them... Rest little boy... rest.

Killian... Sweet Killian

We loved you so very much sweet Killian and are very grateful that we were part of your life... Sleep with the angels sweet little baby... Find Remy... he will show you around and please watch over your Dads... they are going to need some help because they loved you so.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our favorite - Margaret Orr

Reminding us - Don't forget to protect your pets

Good luck this PM Derek!

Hoda talking about the event on WDSU

YouTube Video

8th & 9th Ward - Be on the lookout!

STILL MISSING - $500 REWARD*** Have had several reports that our Tikka has been sighted with a "gutter punk" girl around the 8th/9th Ward area----PLEASE keep all eyes and ears out. There is a $500 reward being offered for Tikkas return! Tikka was also originally found in the Treme and may have made her way back to that area as well.


She got the duck...

This is after all, duck hunting weather!

Hi Mommy!

Taking good care of Sawyer!

Holy cold snap!

Bundle up y'all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What the heck is this?

Dear Mother Nature:
Calm down... this is ridiculous.

Rare moment...

Henri (on Daddy's lap) and Isabelle 1/2 on Daddy and 1/2 ottoman...


Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. Bryson is going to be leaving the hospital in Alexandria heading to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. He is still unable to use his right side (arms, etc.) and still unable to speak...they are hoping to get him off IV(s) soon so that the ground transport (via ambulance) can happen.

We have been busy getting our guest rooms ready to host his big Brother and guests from Lake Charles that will be visiting. We still need all of the prayers and positive thoughts we can muster. Thanks y'all!

Needs boxers!

Not that kind of boxer the other kind...

Baby B (not Tink!) rockin...

her winter wear!

Our new baby...

after her run... it worked Mom!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not happy with the outfit!

Barb's baby Tink...


Got a bonus day with me!

Owner killed... babies need homes! UPDATE: ALL PLACED

I got this email from a client... who got this from someone she knows: Can you help?

A friend of mine's husband died in a car crash this Monday night and has left
behind five (only four pictured - attached). She actually worked here at A&R
quite some time ago as a paralegal - Megin Murphy). She works all day in New
Orleans (lives in Long Beach, MS) and it isn't going to work. She describes
them as sweet and smart - and they need a forever home! If anyone is thinking
about adopting a dog (one is a 1 year old full-blooded Jack Russel
terrier), you might take a look. Please forward to anyone you know who might be thinking
about it . . .

All three are fixed.

Sophie is a yellow akc registered lab. She's 3yrs old.
CC is a coonhound mix and she's also 3 yrs old.
Elizabeth is soon to be one and she's a full blooded Jack Russell.

Just adopted a terrier mix, a little over 20 pounds, fixed, all shots
caught up, has a chip, etc. He's also free to a good home without small children.

All of them are very sweet and smart. If you know of anyone interested in
adopting them for free, please give them my number 228-365-4735. I need to act
as quickly as possible so they are safe.

Happy Birthday Jessica

We miss you!