Thursday, June 1, 2017

We smell pretty

When you're not happy with the weather…

Waiting patiently

Still waking up

Good morning mommy

Hurricane season starts today! #MakeAPlan

If you use a different service or you're one of those services who reads this blog, make sure you have plans in place to take care of the babies if we have to head for the hills! #NoLa

La Masion Remy...

 Almost - Sold! (Well under contract)
It is time for our next chapter. It is so exciting and also a bit sad. My sweet Remy is here and my little Henri and Isabelle were babies here. This has been home, office, foster home, party central, hotel and my happy place for a very long time.  

Nothing changes for y'all. I will always be in NOLA just looking for something with 2 less floors! 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


My Lulu lamb


We get to do this for a living!

Mornin Mommy!

Heads up

New Orleans - COYOTES Reported - Lakeview / Lakewood South 
- Warning for Outside Cats & Dogs in Yards 
- 8 Missing Cats in the Neighborhood
Contact: if you need further info on these reports 
Received 2 reports about coyotes tonight: 
Tonight 5/31 a small juvenile coyote was seen on the 5500 block of Catina. The coyote crossed the railway at 5400 Milne. That's where it was chased back to. Coyote went south into the woods behind the Baptist Church. But, not 30 minutes later, it was back in front of the same house on 5500 block Catina. That time, they chased it east towards Rosemary. The coyote has no fear of humans even though a lot of noise was made to try to scare it away. 
Other report said coyotes seen in Lakewood South coming from train tracks by Homedale where there are missing cats. 
Several cats have gone missing in this area including 2 cats same owner missing bet Catina & Mound Mar & Apr - 3/11 missing tabby Samedi collar found on porch, 4/10 missing 13 yo black cat 13 lbs. Owner is Megan 803 429-2703. Flyer below.