Saturday, November 15, 2008


Let's see... Milan, Pisa, Tuscany, Rome, Assisi and now Paris. Hummm... someone has a great life! These two (T does not really like photographs!) do too... xxoo from B & C

Friday, November 14, 2008

I was SAVED!

My sister (the most WONDERFUL Vet in Baton Rouge) found me walking on the side of the road. I was heart worm positive and some would say... "a hot mess". I was saved by her and(our) mom and dad and could not be a more well mannered little girl. Marci gets to see me every Monday - Friday mid day for our special walkin' time! I am Princess Ruby... just ask me. (Pardon my crazy eyes.. I was getting a belly rub!)

Dog friendly this weekend...

This is a fantastic bookfair! Lots of things outside on Frenchmen Street... Remy and I went last year and we had a great time.

Yea! It is Friday...

What a wacky week!
Sawyer got home from Europe.
Sawyer picked up Tres...
Jessica got a new baby!
Bradley went to Oklahoma
Sarah took her GRE
Marci is taking her GRE today...
For some reason... tons of people deiced to go out of town this weekend!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tres - Update

Baby Tres is doing very well with Sawyer, Buzi and the kitty cats. He has been over every afternoon to play. He has been doing really well. He loves to watch the corner of 8th & Prytania and greets everyone with a big tail wag... no barking! He is such a great little man. Can you give him a forever home?


Taja really did not want to mug for the camera! All is well on the home front! It rained yesterday and it really put a damper on our mid day play time. Have a great time in Assisi!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Nemo

Gigi has a new baby brother. I saw this little boy on Tulane's campus just sitting there so I decided he needed to come home with me!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUZI!! (4yrs old today!)

Tres - Update!

The most amazing thing happened! Sawyer returned from holiday in Greece and between J.F.K. and Atlanta airport(s) she filled out the foster application with Labs4Rescue. She picked up Tres yesterday... I invited myself! He slept all the way back to her house... I am very anxious to hear how everyone slept. I understand he played nice with the kitty cats last night.
Tres is still looking for a forever home... He has his "adopt me" vest and will sporting it about town with Buzi and Sawyer.

Tuscany, Florence, Rome today!

Have a great time today... We would rather our yard! Boomer is being SUPER nice to Jessica... It only took a few cookies to change his mind. All is well! This is us smelling something.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Baby changing bed/my bed?
Baby changing bed/my bed?
Baby changing bed/my bed?
He can be changed on the floor.


This is her spot. She likes when you fix her meals and bring them in so she can eat in bed. After she eats her good food she stretches and gets up.

Story & Luke's mom reminded me about this web site... I love it!

Tres - Update

After much consternation and consideration, Jennifer identified a potential forever home for Tres. Jennifer and I were so excited but the family came for a visit but decided a Lab was a little to big for their family. So, we are back at square one!

Tres is a beautiful baby (1.5 ish years) boy. He is being taken care of by a wonderful angel from Labs4Rescuse, Jennifer Wright. Jennifer tells me that his owner died and his owner's relatives literally threw him out on the street. Jennifer says... "He is crate trained and house trained. He is a gentle fellow who will follow you everywhere. He gets along with other animals. He is calm and spends most of his time just laying beside you. He loves everybody. He would be a great therapy dog and an inspiration to kids/adults in rehab. He would also be an ideal family dog because he is fabulous with kids. He will need a home without a lot of steps but otherwise has full mobility. He is incredibly special in so may ways." Jennifer has been working to raise money for a "wheelchair" for Tres. She was able to raise a bit Sunday at Pet Fest but not enough. So, in Remy's honor... we are going to take care of the remaining cost. She met with Dag's House this morning and has more research and appointments forth coming. I would love to foster Tres but, I know that he would not be happy in my three story house! I got to cuddles and kiss him Sunday and I am so in love with him! Jennifer is looking for a foster family and/or a forever home. Can you help this beautiful baby boy?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

B & CJ(T is not ready for the web)

According to Jessica you should be on your way to Milan & Tuscany. We are going to keep posted on your travels! We let Jessica in the house with no problem!

Have a great time and I will touch base with you around between Rome and Assisi!