Saturday, April 23, 2011

We miss you too Mommy!

Hurry home... BOCK, BOCK!


Android (owned by Google) has a new downloadable game application called Dog Wars (developed by Kage Games LLC). The player feeds, waters, trains and fights the virtual dog for virtual money.

Really?! Amazing...


Call to Action: Contact the Android market team here and email to demand this disgusting application be banned from the Android Market.

How cute are these 2?!

Love, love, love um!

I am gonna kill it!



My babies got to swim again this morning!

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

Friday, April 22, 2011

Attorney: Sanctuary Owner Left $575,000 For Animals, Not Self - West Palm Beach News Story - WPBF West Palm Beach

Have you seen this story? Such a sad situation... SOS Labrador Retriever Rescue (Georgia) is sending someone on Monday to help get some of the 100+ doges that still need to be rescued... again. I understand that many of the dogs were pulled from Georgia shelters who thought they were going to get a new leash on life. Please share with fellow rescue organizations in case they are in a position to help pull.

Attorney: Sanctuary Owner Left $575,000 For Animals, Not Self - West Palm Beach News Story - WPBF West Palm Beach

Fletcher Update...

(from Facebook) Such a great rescue story!

    • DH The update on Fletcher is he is now safe and in a splint to help limit his movement. He will be headed to State College on Easter Day as the Easter Beagle!

My favorite tweet today!

Someone please direct me to Kobe Bryant. I want to take a large bite out of his ass.

I had to go to the Doctor...

Mommy is gone and I am sick... not having a good Friday. Send positive thoughts my way...

Smells good...

Looking for chicken!

Hi Mommy!

Sending love from home! Bock Bock

My babies are having a very good Friday!

YouTube Video

So creative!

They are saucers!

Seriously Sawyer -

Give me my breakfast!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progress... Love DH!

DH I just heard. Fletcher is out of the shelter. The first step has happened!
2 hours ago ·

See this?

This is Henri sleeping. Belly full... eye booger.

Mike, the babies and I were dining outside and enjoying some Frgei Brothers Chardonnay and a wonderful cool breeze. We ordered appetizers and dinner.

Henri and Isabelle were laying on the sidewalk bricks enjoying a fresh bowl of water with a few ice cubes. They are so sweet when we dine outside.

The waitress brings a beautiful plate of bruschetta (below) and all of the sudden - Henri jumps up and eats not one but two of them off of the plate. I was paralyzed! NEVER would I have imagined that Henri would ever do it! Henri!? Not Isabelle... the one I was watching and expecting. My boy was hungry, focused and FAST!!

I punished him under the table and when he settled... he put his head on my lap and BURPED.


Hey Mikey (Baby Daddy) - he liked it!

It takes just one person that cares...

In this case, our client DH. She made some calls and is having the baby pulled from the shelter, sending it to her former Vet for surgery and working with a friend of hers that does Beagle Rescue (Beagle 911)to place Fletcher.

If you can donate to help with the cost of the surgery... Chip In

This is Fletcher. She is a 12 week old beagle baby with TWO broken back legs. She was surrendered to the shelter because of the injury (we don't know if it was due to abuse or being hit by a car) and she is going to be GASSED on FRIDAY 4/23 if we cannot rescue her before that time. We are trying to raise $1000 for her medical costs - it will probably exceed that amount but it at least will be enough to get her to safety for xrays, pain killers, etc. PLEASE help us raise the funds to help save Fletcher's life!

Relishing the Part of a Dog’s Best Friend

I love this article... can't wait to see it!

FOR young Bau, there is a lot to learn yet. For instance, that it’s not a good idea to walk your human full speed into a lamppost. Especially when your human has a money face. When she is, say, Isabella Rossellini. More...

Please keep our Mommy in your thoughts...

We need her!

Sweet baby kitty needs a home y'all!

He started his day inside the engine of my car!  I discovered him at the CBD 
parking lot -- he was in engine from Uptown to the CBD!
Amazingly, he did not appear to have been injured by the car!  He's a little 
hoarse from his ordeal-- his cries got my attention after I parked the car.
He was hungry and thirsty, and ate a whole can of tuna.  He is really sweet - 
tame, playful, curious and friendly.  He is calm, and spent lots of time 
sleeping in my lap.
My friend took him to a vet, where he is getting shots and a bath.
He is only four months old, according to the vet.
Please let me know if you can adopt this SWEET little boy kitten!
Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested!

Look what I learned...


does our Bayou St. John route and gets to stumble upon the best little treasures!

You just gotta do what you gotta do...

Before the walkin' sctrach!

Love this...

Before I could catch him, Henri TTd on the man's leg.
I bet that has happened before...

So sweet...

Sending love from NOLA
HOLY THURSDAY IT IS CRAZY! (One can only really say this once a year...)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It takes a village!

Confirm transport from Kennel

Confirm departure flight from home... check in flight status, check connection arrival

Check with (airline) Pet Transport Manager

Track status from home to connection, talk to ground team in connection city,
track flight from connection to NOLA...

Arrive early to get cars and team ready for arrival

Arrive to find....

Awwww - so cute and happy to be in the ground.

My babies are relaxing...

Henri & Isabelle (watching the birds)

First tropical weather bulletin of the 2011 hurricane season is issued

Really Mother Nature? Calm down... it is April!

Facebook post...Made my afternoon!

is thanking the good lord for dog walkers! My two have now settled in for a quiet afternoon nap thanks to Pamela!
about an hour ago · ·

UGA study reveals breed-specific causes of death in dogs

Interesting... I would love to see the entire study.


They would agree on a direction... Generally the little one wins that disagreement!

Better Mommy!

What Pamela?

Her listening ear is up...
She is thinking...
"I did it!"
"I sat still for my photograph!"

Getting really strange...

Someone is starting to freak me out... A telephone pole at Prytania & Harmony (one block from us) is being used for some serious sign "discussions" from various people and it is starting to get a little WACKY!

Does this red harness make my booty look big?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home, Kennel, Airplane, 2nd Airplane, LONG car ride... new home!

Crazy afternoon getting ready for these two. They are moving from the West Coast to Louisiana. We have been crazy busy this afternoon getting the final details in order (down to the bottled water) for the end of a long journey for them tomorrow... So cute!

Sawyer & Bradley will see y'all soon! (Well - not that soon - relax and enjoy the rides!)

Me again...


Waiting on cocktail hour...

for Mommy!

Sago Palms are toxic to Pets

Important reminder...

I posted this on November 10, 2010 regarding Sago Palms and read this today. These palms can kill your pets!

Scratch my belly!

Heading to school!

Do I look excited? Precisely.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bradley really works you on these walks!

April 30th ~ Jefferson parish

JEFFERSON PARISH RESIDENTS: Animal Shelter millage - There is a property tax renewal on the April 30, 2011 ballot. The 2.26 mills tax supports the animal shelter and is up for renewal. THIS MILLAGE IS NECESSARY and is NOT a new tax. It is simply a renewal of the old millage. We need to get the word out to everyone. Vote Yes to renew the animal shelter millage.

WWNO: Saxophonist Derek Douget Debuts As A Leader At Jazz Fest Friday April 29th (2011-04-12)

Awww - Derek... so proud of my "little" brother!

WWNO: Saxophonist Derek Douget Debuts As A Leader At Jazz Fest Friday April 29th (2011-04-12)