Saturday, August 27, 2016

Our little girls...

Our sweet girls are having a blast at YaYa's house. They will be moving from the Wank to the Garden District tomorrow in preparation for Spay appointment on Monday!

Our girls need homes... Please y'all. If you know someone that can take one or both, we would all appreciate it. I am so scared that I will have to turn them back over to a shelter. I will do anything to avoid that. If you know anyone that can help us...

Almond eyes and sugar face...

I actually like when she works to save lives!

Happy Caturday - complete with a video!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Grace and Hope had a great afternoon!

I was able to give the girls a 30 minute walk this afternoon and I let them play fetch in the yard. I know I sound like a broken record but they are so good. If you are new here, we are looking for homes for them. 



Ignoring Kevin

Him is serious!


On a mission

My "you can't be serious" face -

Just give the cats a lot of water and food and only come once a week. 

These eyes...

You know Mom love...

We see this baby twice a day! He loves Pamela. 

99L - latest models

Fingers and paws crossed that this thing falls apart! 
Today is National Dog Day! 

Every day is Dog Day for us. 

Here is IsHell. I mean Isabelle. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lamar Dixon - Barn 1 (Ascension Parish/Cara's House)

I have received a few emails about how things are going so I thought I would update a few things:

All of the kitty cats have been moved to a cat rescue group and the older and sickly dogs have been transported to other places or have been placed in foster homes.

The waiting period is over for all of the unclaimed babies and they have just over 200 pets in their care. That is so sad because everyone was very optimistic about putting families back together. 

A lot of medical support has been given... I don't know where all of this support came from but I have seen LSU tags. Ascension Parish Animal Hospital has began spay/neuter and chipping. 

They are so fortunate to have a lot of help during the day. Volunteers are showing up in droves at the assigned times. I hope that does not change soon but I have a feeling once school restarts in the parish it might.

Supply donations are being accepted again and they have been able to move them over to other shelters around South Louisiana. 

A huge thanks to everyone who sent things over and made monetary donations. They really appreciate it and I do too. 

Lastly, the bayou babies are ready for adoption. I am bringing them to be spayed on Monday. Tey are super good girls and will make amazing pets! 

City of New Orleans urges vigilance for Invest 99

If you have not done so would be a great time to pull your shot records, etc... 
Just in case. 

Great news! The bayou babies are ready to GEAUX!

Great news! The bayou babies are ready for adoption. They have the 2nd round of shots and are getting spayed tomorrow. They have worked with a trainer on manners and leash walking and are doing great. If you know someone or if you would to adopt one or both, please let me know! The last thing I want to do is have to turn them back over to the Ascension Parish Shelter and that is what will have to happen (their decision not mine) if I can't place them. 

We have three of them... I love!

I missed the rain!

Not speaking to Ms. Em

She made him go out in the rain!

Hims wet


The latest...

This is totally true -

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We love Wednesday!

So many labs to love!


'Benji' reboot set to shoot in New Orleans


The Bayou Babies...

Had to take a rest. The BEST trainer in NOLA, Elizabeth Schonberg, worked with them today. We worked on leash manners! They got the hang of it and now we can commence wearing them out!

Looking to add to your family!? As the kids say... hit me up!

This smile...


Morning Mommy!

Heads up my friends...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The reason so many do not support PETA

PETA Euthanized a lot of it's Animals in 2014.

2,454 of 3,369 cats, dogs and other animals. 

When you start seeing "Keep PETA out of Louisiana Shelters" you will know why! Can you imagine... these pets have had so much to fight only to get on a transport controlled by PETA and perhaps be killed when they arrive? Me either. I am not saying they are going to kill them but it has happened at that shelter many times.

Here is a video of the flood animals arriving at their Norfolk shelter. It makes me so angry. Keep in mind, they came here on their own and rescued people's pets out of yards... They are not even being held for 10 day requirement that our State has.

If this makes you angry and you have some time, let them know.

Take a look inside Cara's House/Lamar Dixon Barn1

I am so proud to know some of these amazing these people. When it comes down to it, this barn is full of love and humans that get to benefit from that love.

If you can help... anything you can give is much appreciated.

I love you Daddy!

This face

Mine and nap time!


Remy! I love typing that name...

Heat break!

Love to Mommy!

Lamar Dixon or bust...

I did not post an update yesterday... Monday's are way to short! Things are starting to settle a bit. They had a great group of volunteers yesterday and were able to move the massive "piles" (good thing) of donations to other shelters in need. 

I am going back every day so if you have anything you want to send either drop it off here or one of my Team Members can pick up. They have been given lots of things from big box pet stores and I think the big need now is money. Either directly to them or I am gathering gift cards. 

Things are starting to come to light with Ascension Parish Animal Shelter/Cara and the Parish President, Kenny Matassa that need to come to light. He and his family are no fans of this shelter and never have been. That is very well documented. I trust the residents and pet lovers in Ascension Parish  and Louisiana will make this man's life as miserable as he (and his son... google that one) have made it for the pets and pet lovers/saviors. 

Off to see the Bayou Babies and to Lamar! Thank goodness for my Team y'all. I could never do this without them...

Love you Mommy

Great warning to start your day!

Monday, August 22, 2016



Hims pretty!

Speaking of Fosters...

This is Emilie's little girl. AW - these ears!

The bayou babies...

YaYa is super impressed with the girls. They are doing fantastic with training...

Would you like to adopt the girls? Or a girl? Please let me know.

Play time

Stop it.

This takes patience and we LOVE it!