Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ascension Parish Rescue

I made just one trip to Lamar Dixon today! When I pulled in, I noticed a huge change in activity and when I got to Barn 1 I was stunned... people everywhere just waiting to help! It was so inspiring. Thankfully Cara's/Ascension Parish Shelter was able to announce today that they are in "great shape" with donations and was able to post photographs of all of the pets in their care. 

The next step for them is getting back into the flood damaged shelter. It is going to be a long road ahead. They need money and if you are willing to give, I am collecting gift cards from home improvement and big box retail stores. If you can, just leave for one of my Team and I will gather and deliver! I know everyone is being pulled in lots of directions when it comes to giving at this time so I have no expectation. 

For those that do not know, although I was born in NOLA, I was raised in Ascension Parish. My family home is only two miles from the Ascension Shelter/Cara's. My heart is there... Also, you may recall that Lamar Dixon was where all of the Katrina rescues were sent post rescue. Had it not been for the people of Ascension Parish - the volunteers at Lamar Dixon, it would have been an impossible task. They never stopped supporting the effort... I was there the first day  and the last day (and many days in between) and Ascension Parish residents were there too. I have always felt we owe them a great debt. I hate that we had to pay it back but that is what we need to do and man... people are! 

Thanks for every one's patience with me... I sure appreciate it! My Team who never fail and our client's who gave so much... y'all are amazing! 

Onward and upward! 

Keep the donations coming... I will go every day until they do not need us anymore... just like they did for us! 

The bayou babies!

I went to YaYa's house (Foster Mommy) this morning to visit the girls. When I arrived the had mud from head to paws because they played outside all morning long! I tossed them both in the sink and gave them a good bath again... they love the water! 

They have shown absolutely no aggression what so ever. No resource guarding, no food aggression. I was taking bones out of their mouths and they were absolutely fine with that! 

Elizabeth (the BEST trainer I know) offered to work with them on leash manners next week. According to YaYa they are going outside to potty and have only had two accidents! I am stunned and super happy. 

If you know someone who might like the babies, let me know! 

I love them so much... Y'all would too! 

Thanks to Dr. Hansen at Crescent City Vet for seeing the girls. It only cost $30. for both and I am so thankful for that! 

I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

This is all we need...

This sweet face...

Happy Caturday!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The bayou babies... Grace & Hope

Firstly, I want to thank the girl's YaYa (Del/Foster Mommy) for everything. She took these girls out of a barn stall and into her home. 

She named them today... 

This is Grace. Grace is such a sweet calm little girl. She wants you to hold her like a baby. She puts her head on your shoulder and will just stay until you put her down. 

This is Hope... as in - we hope you calm down soon. She is OFF THE CHAIN... funny - like run into the walls funny! She wants to cuddle and play with a toy at the same time. Super sweet and listens well. She is the "special one" 

The are 4ish (just under based on dental) months old. They are totally bonded... so I would love to see them go together but understand that may be a dream. They are in good health and will be on the larger lab side. They are 20# so they will be big girls. 

Please let us know if you are able to add to your family! They have endured a lot... they need a break! 

At CCV with the bayou babies!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The little bayou girls...

I am so thankful that my dear friend and client, Del opened her home to foster these two little girls from Lamar Dixon. They are such great babies... We did not hear a sound out of them the entire drive to NOLA... no accidents in the car or once we got here. We gave them long warm baths and neither of them fought us... they cuddled in the towels and wanted to be loved when we were drying them. They are so tired - our sweet girls. We are looking for a forever home. In my dreams I hope to find a home that will take both but I know that is a big dream. They love each other and held each other the entire trip... they have been through so much. I hope we can place them soon before they become even more attached to each other (trauma has a way of making attachments even stronger!). Please let me know if you have room for these little ones...

Freedom ride!

Heading back to Nola! Looking for a loving home in the city far away from the swamp!
Heading out to Lamar Dixon and Livingston. Thanks for all for your support!

Morning Mom!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I love Louisianimals! (by that I mean - our people... not pets!)

Good evening y'all!

Great news y'all... NO supplies needed at Lamar Dixon. They can still use help walking, cleaning, etc but they are set on supplies! 

Louisiana Sate Animal Response Team has taken over the rescue and operation of the main area of Lamar Dixon. Cara's House is now just responsible for strays and their babies that were in their care prior to this event. What they really need now is money! They have a paypal account if you want to help out... 

Thanks to all of you who helped. The only reason they do not need supplies is because so many people stepped up!


Come hell or high water - we (Louisianimals!) always step up! 

We are heading back tomorrow but only to walk and cuddles. Let me know if you have time to do the same and I will see you there! 

Get it done...

I do not want to post photos of the poor sweet babies sheltering at Lamar Dixon... it is as heartbreaking as you imagine. This does make me laugh so I decided to post. This is how it is getting done at Lamar Dixon! The people are dying from the heat... the rescues - not so much!

Nola problems...

For those dropping things here this can slow you down at 7th and Prytania!
If someone is able to find out if there are pets in the Southern University shelter, please let me know!

I have not heard of any donations heading that way...

Not in the mood

The girls!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Je suis Louisiana... We got this! 
Hi y'all!

I am heading back tomorrow so if you have anything you can part with (fans, sheets/towels, rolls of paper towels, litter) please drop over my gate!

So thankful for everyone! Regardless of if you bring here or somewhere else, I know y'all are giving and I know it is appreciated.


Open open open

Hi Mommy!

We are great! 

Oh lord.

These two ...

Helpers at Lamar Dixon!

Just as I was leaving a group was heading on walks!
If you are heading out to Lamar Dixon please text me. My cousin is one of the  on site contacts at barn 1.  They are in need of help if you have the time. Still need more fans... I am heading back to Nola but will be back this afternoon.

Bless these people

Heading back to Lamar Dixion! Thanks everyone for all the donations!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Huge thanks to everyone following me on social media and dropping off things at my house. Every time I pull things in - I cry! It is appreciated and will be even more so tomorrow when I get back to Lamar Dixon. 

Barb update!

FYI Y'all...

Em was able to take care of Barb's babies today. Thank goodness Barb was able to get her to the Vet!

Finally sun

If you are thinking of helping at Lamar Dixon... The best way to get there is exit Sunshine Bridge, go to River Road and go up to Hwy 30. The Cajun Navy is packed on I10 and we should all give them the right of way!
Heading back to Lamar Dixion today. If you have anything you are willing to donate, drop over my gate and I will take.