Friday, November 4, 2016

You know she loves you when she brings you a baby

Our little sick ones...

So sad to be ending with the same two babies still in the hospital. On top of that a very emo bird who is not real thrilled to have a new little K9 sister. It is weeks like these that I remind myself how quickly these little lives go. They are with us for such a limited time and give us so much so quickly. Love them hard and let them pour it back into you while you can.

My little monkey is back

Puppy Breaktime

Luckiest little booger ever

Can't be bothered

Everyone Is Heartbroken Over This Sad Pit Bull After People Refused To Pet Him

This is heartbreaking and so sweet...

Let's just stay out a little longer

Well this is super sad… #NolaProblems

Thursday, November 3, 2016

She looks like she has shoes on

UGH! I hate the thought of fall back!
UGH! I hate the thought of fall back!

I love my little rocket

This is my stick now!

Mini horse

New Orleans Saints Waiting Room Commercial

This is amazing!

But when is brother coming home Ms. Pamela?

Lady & Murphy - Love, love, love each other!

 Oh goodness I just found out that my neighbors camel died. Yeah you read that correctly… They have three and one is a baby in the senior most female passed away yesterday. They are all rescues so they don'thave medical history on them so they're not sure what happened. Gosh what a week…
Here's hoping for a drama free, no emergency vet type of day! Meanwhile both of our babies that are sick or still sick and that breaks my heart… Cuddle your little ones this time is precious.

She is so pretty

I so want to steal this bag

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#GentrifiedGreens: Neiman Marcus Is Selling $66 Collard Greens

What the he** is this world coming to?

Lots of sugar on these faces

I love this little monster

There is nothing scarier then walking into a clients home and having a puppy in full distress and having to run to the emergency room. I cannot imagine had we not arrived before the owner returned home... sending prayers and positive vibes to our sweet baby J.

You want to go bye-bye course I took him



It's over Johnny


I love when they graze on the levee...

You have to have very OLD family property to be able to do this.

Monday, October 31, 2016

A dog’s secret life

This is just amazing!

Meanwhile at my house this evening…

I should just start posting random thoughts...
Man I can't post photos for some reason!?


So lazy…

What's in the bag?

Lazy Monday

Morning cuddles time

I got cookies!

Happy Halloween Y'all!