Saturday, August 11, 2012

Will you be back?

Relaxing with Pamela...

#7 - See ya!

Now a tropical wave.  One more down...I love when they are "remnants"



I just want to talk to you kitty...

Paw swear.

St. Charles & Toledano

This just appeared in the park...  River side of St. Charles.  It breaks my heart.  Anyone know what happened?  

The answer...  sadly.


Hi Mom!

You talkin to me?

This should be fun!

Friday, August 10, 2012

This girl...

Just said - you know those boys that ride around on bikes that wear short sleeve white shirts and ties?  Well one time I saw them Uptown and then I saw them in Metairie a little later.  Someone had to tell her they were different people that do the same service.  This kid...  one of the smartest people I know which is what is super scary!


and more trouble but we love um! 

Good one Barb...

Sweet validation... means the world to us.

"... moving at the end of September. I'll be sad to leave NOLA but I know I'll be back. I'm planning annual trips! I cannot thank you and your team enough for all of your help and hard work this last year. I really would not have made it without you guys. I love getting notes everyday about my crazies and it has been so wonderful to know they have been well taken care of and loved. My kiddos are a bit high maintenance in terms of behavior and I am grateful to have had such caring folks in our life! Thank you for being loving, caring, flexible and oh so trustworthy! I'll recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank goodness you were recommended to me! "

Sending love...

Not a fan of bananas....


Cute but bananas! 

So happy...

Purrrrrfect baby...

Got it in before the rain...


This cracks me up.

St .Francis Animal Sanctuary

The quickest way to help St. Francis is to donate.  They need everything they can get - and quickly.  
If you can, please consider helping... they do AMAZING work.  

They were hit by a tornado yesterday...

We have some very sad news to report: a tornado touched down nextdoor to our facility today - at the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary - killing one rescued dog, injuring others and causing serious property damage. We were very fortunate to have been spared any losses of life or serious damage at our site, and our crew has been hard at work lending a hand at St. Francis sanctuary. We will do all we can to help them recover and rebuild and will post an update here for our Facebook friends on ways you can help.


Hi Mommy!

Murphy is about to fall off the bed....

He has a love/hate relationship with baby O

Thursday, August 9, 2012

St. Francis Animal Sanctuary - Largest No-Kill in S US - Hit by tornado today...

We have to get on this y'all!  Whatever you can do, whatever you can give.


PLEASE SHARE: St. Francis Animal Sanctuary,, email: and the Humane Society of Louisiana, , email:, were hit by a tornado this afternoon in Tylertown, Mississippi. The storm destroyed several buildings at the St. Francis Sanctuary, sending a 2 X 4 through a roof, which then spearheaded in to a bedroom. A building collapsed on rescued dogs killing one and others were left with lacerations and internal bruising. Some dogs are loose running around the 50 acre property and many buildings have been damaged. They are in bad need of supplies that include:

Tarps, zip ties, crates, kennels, X-pens, building supplies, fencing, generator, flash lights, contractor trash bags, cleaning supplies, bungi cords, rope, bleach and batteries. 

Foster homes for puppies/dogs/kittens/cats.

If you are able to donate any of these supplies, bring them to Jefferson Feed and Seed on Central Ave. and Jefferson Highway, 504-733-8573. Financial donations are always in need. Thank you.

St. Francis Animal Sanctuary - Largest No-Kill Companion Pet Sanctuary in Southern U.S. - (601) 222-1927:

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Say hello to #7


A person very close to my heart sent me a text this am...  "How I bring stool samples to the vet".  
I think something is very wrong with her!  

The text of the day...

I can't stop laughing! 

Jackie Clarkson... Honored the Visiting Pet Program today...

(1) Jackie Clarkson...:

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Don't move...

I love the bayou!

You do what you gotta do...

New hair dos

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Man arrested after throwing puppy over fence, police say | New Orleans

I would love five minutes to "visit" with this man.

Man arrested after throwing puppy over fence, police say | New Orleans - WDSU Home:

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Hi Mom!

Here it comes...

Pretty girllllllll

I can be good for about a minute...

Play time...

Hi Mommy!

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Why ?

But why does he need rest?  

Good Morning New Orleans!

We roll out of bed early.