Saturday, May 24, 2014


About time we got another vacation...

I am in the wedding this evening!

This was not painted by a 5 year old...

I did it.  That wine and paint class is fun but this is what happens...  

You can laugh or shake your head.

It is on display on the 3rd floor.  If only I had a fireplace... NOT to burn it!  To hang it over.

It was my first wine and paint and will be my last.

Treat time!

Supervising this Caturday morning!

Hi Mommy!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Landrieu’s Ban on Horse Slaughter Passes Appropriations Committee

Progress...Landrieu’s Ban on Horse Slaughter Passes Appropriations Committee

Where is Megan? I mean you are okay and all but....

Sweet baby B...

Rest in peace sweet baby B...
Watch over Mommy & Daddy.
You were so loved.

YUP. I got it!

What you lookin @?

Come back by 3:30 okay?


Cat sees its owner for the first time in 6 months

Cat sees its owner for the first time in 6 months - Three Million Dogs

They are all over the city!

Time out for - Comments you won't hear from a true New Orleanian


“But black doesn’t really go with gold.”

“There’s too much garlic in this.”

“Let’s go hear some music in Fat City.”

“The streetcar will be here in 10. They really run on time.”

“Drew who?”

 "I would like mine with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise."

“Hold the powdered sugar on those beignets.”

“Love the smooth ride on these streets.”

"Why is that guy wearing a red dress?"

“Let’s go by carriage.”

“I’m not eating here – it’s a dive.”

“Hurry up – we have to get there on time.”

"Everybody speaks French here."

“You’ve got to be kidding – you want to go hear somebody play the trombone?”

“We don’t need straws. We’re drinking these daiquiris at home.”

“You pronounce it N’Awlins.”

“I got a reduction in my assessment.”

“Let’s have some crayfish. And pray-lines.”

“Hold the Tabasco.”

"Let's go for a hike."

“I just love August in the city.”

“I’m planning my wedding and it’s the same night that LSU plays Alabama.”

“I’ll just be a quick minute – I have an errand in City Hall.”

"Excuse me waiter, but these oysters are raw."

"Tchoup -a- what? Is that sign in English?"

“I’ve never worn a tutu.”

“That City Council/Sewerage and Water Board/Department of Public Works really gets things done.”

“Just park here for the parade/Jazz Fest; they’ won’t tow you.”

"Let's flash for some beads."

"I could really go for a snow cone."

"Why are these lobsters so small?"

"Ugh, there are seriously not enough modernized Vietnamese-influenced restaurants in this city."

"New Orleans is known for its excellent public transportation network."

"New Orleans could really use a new music, food or neighborhood festival."

“Let’s go to Bourbon Street!”

It’s time to retire the carriage horses

In New Orleans too... enough already.  I see them in the Garden District all the time. In the Garden District FROM Jackson Square.  Not okay.

Happy Birthday Pamela!

What time will you be back Bradley?

Vacation is nice and quiet!

Good morning NOLA!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I wish you could see it...

It reads "Corps of Army Engineers - we put the lake in Lakeview"

Side note - I need a ram

Petco to Stop Selling Pet Treats Made in China

Regarding this post...  A client posted a comment on Facebook that is a point I had not considered.  "The problem is even if it says Made in the USA it could still be made with ingredients sourced in Chine.  You need to check every company you buy."

Thanks DH!  Great point!

Summer cut!


"Cockfighting will likely carry stiffer penalties as a result of bill passed Tuesday by the Louisiana Senate. The proposal by Sen. J.P. Morrell (D-New Orleans) adds more banned birds to the cockfighting category, and makes it illegal to own paraphernalia used in the outlawed bloodsport..."  

Petco to Stop Selling Pet Treats Made in China


Enjoying our vacation Mom & Dad!

In the warm sun...

Waiting for a treat!

Morning world!

Off to our bath!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post School...

Love it!


Got her nails done!

HOT, HOT, HOT outside!

Love this little one...

Huge mistake on my part...

Thankfully we made it home!

Look at this smile...

OHHHH someone is in trouble...