Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our newest little bug, bug!


BRAVO NOLA!  Nowhiteflags!

He may be ER Dr... I am Dr. Kickin it!

Where have y'all been?!!

Kickin it Tulane style!



Hi Mommy!

Can we go now?

It is Caturday y'al!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mutant Giant Spider - HOLY HEART ATTACK!

Seriously - Leave... I need a nap!

When you're smiling... when you're smiling...


I don't always look this good...

Actually - I do always look this good.

Rescue Runners: pairing runners with shelter dogs

Well done... fantastic program!  Cheers NOLA!

Should we start collecting animals in 2s?!


NOOOO mother nature!


Off to school...

It is almost time y'all!

Black and Gold Friday!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

With 1,890+ twitter followers I am not sure how a "national pet magazine" sourced the blog and this photo but I hope to be able to ask them soon... The interview lasted about 30 ish minutes and if an article never sees the light of day, that is just fine.  It was such an honor.

This is just one example of our "in our home clients"... This is a prefect example of "we threat them like ours..."  This darling baby belongs to two very busy ER Doctors. We have had him from the week they adopted him (6ish weeks) and we are so thankful.  The other little darling baby is baby R - Megan's baby. He obviously loves his overnight guests and for that I am so thankful.

I OWN THIS ALLIGATOR PEOPLE... welcome to MY New Orleans...

My front yard is the Garden District.  

Time out for this!

They couldn’t care less about the Saints: Meet the “Screw Dats

How dare they?

They couldn’t care less about the Saints: Meet the “Screw Dats

If you need to geaux... You can totally geaux on 3rd & Prytania... ish.

You wanna play?

Ready to geaux!

I had an entire roasted chicken last night...

It was great but the ER visit was not so much fun.  I hope my family makes that mistake with a boneless one next time.

I am that old lady now...

Oh my goodness...  I went to Lakeview at 11am and had to come back Uptown via Lakeview - Canal to the Riverbend, to the Park and up to the Garden District.  I had 5 "drive by" things I needed to see.  I LITERALLY just walked in the door.  

I would have serious road rage if I had to drive everyday...

I have road rage when I walk the dogs... can you imagine?!

If I ever leave the neighborhood again without a driver, my keys should be taken away.

Okay - I am better now.  

Megan is in...


Great having our baby back!

Rocking the Mohawk...

Surgery on ailing Great Dane yields 43 ½ socks

How do you not realize you have 40+ socks missing?  Poor darling.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fayetteville police said they have arrested a woman after she allegedly stole $144 worth of eye shadow from Ulta

But you look pretty...  

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. —Fayetteville police said they have arrested a woman after she allegedly stole $144 worth of eye shadow from Ulta.

Read more:

These ears!!

Just thinking about the walkin' does this...

I love this little face...

This just happened...

Time out for this LOL moment...

Link to moment.

New study shows city ready to legalize potholes...

  Musician to hold fundraiser for asshole who always waves off tip jar

Kicking it in the sunshine before the rain!

Hurry B!

Just from September until Super Bowl...

Brazen Mid-City criminals targeting family pets - Heads up NOLA!

Please share.  These criminals move all over the city! 

More than 60 animals are making the journey north from New Orleans


Such a hard life...

Two walks, 5x a week, someone sleeps with us when they travel.  Now, if we could just get her to give us her lunch.

We miss you Mommy!

I also enjoy people food...

Morning New Orleans!

How do you forget this?

It was here yesterday too...    Prytania  & Washington.

It is going to be this kind of day...

How do you just walk out of your flip flops on St. Charles Avenue?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I was granted permission to share this -

I just spoke to a prospective new client...  She told me a sweet rescue story and I adore her and her heart.  We can't help her because she lives on the North Shore.

They are rescuing a puppy tomorrow and she named him -  wait for it...  

Yes - she did.

They will call him Tag and Hasher.  

They did it.  
A first for me. 

His name is Remy...

Makes me smile.


Plastic surgery scheduled for Lexington dog that was branded with an obscene word

Unreal.  I would like to brand the person that branded this poor darling.

Houma Police to hold memorial for police dog

Rest in peace Rex...  So sad and so thankful to those who treat them with such respect.

Having a great day!

Where have you been?

Such a great smile!

We are playin!

Pedigree Extends Voluntary Recall - Impacts LA, MS

Pedigree Extends Voluntary Recall

Free Pet Vaccines for Chicago U.S. Military Veterans

What a great program!  

Dressed and ready baby!

Had client company this weekend...

Needless to say... they are all tuckered out!