Friday, March 6, 2015

I want to go back to California

I just got stuck in Lee Circle. Went around 2x. Need a nap.
So thankful for my wonderful Team!  It has been a heck of a few weeks but we would not have it any other way!

If you are out tomorrow!

Heading to the West Bank... Coming in hot! If you see me... Move! I really should not be a licensed driver! 

Pretty hair!

A Starbucks Barista is Surprised to Discover He’s a Bestselling Author - YEA KEN!!

Fantastic!  You geaux Ken!

Creative and serious about neighborhood #2


Walk to San Antiono later? 

Me today...

Circles! Thankgoodness for plan B & C! 

How cute is this?!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seriously - #nolablizzard2015

Further evidence that I could not live in the North.  By that I mean anywhere North of the Lake.

Ringling Bros. Circus vs. SeaWorld: One Will Survive, The Other Will Not

One step forward.

Hi Mommy!

Cuteness overload

Here kitty kitty

Pamela found this... If you have it, we know where to send you!

This wind is off the chain.  


You woke me up forrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?


Heads up y'all!

On Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 (weather dependent), we plan to film interior scenes at 1410 Jackson Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130 between the approximate hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm.  We plan to have ITC (Intermittent Traffic Control) between the 1200 and 1400 blocks of Jackson Ave, between the 2100 and 2200 blocks of Coliseum St., and at the 2200 block of Chestnut St. between the approximate hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm and 6:00pm and 10:00pm (non-rush hours).
Our production will be parking base camp trailers and crew vehicles on a private lot; however, due to our filming and equipment placement needs, we have contracted parking with the city to post “NO PARKING” signs on impacted streets.  Please take notice of our postings:
TUES 3/3 6:00AM – FRI 3/27 6:00PM:
TUES 3/17 8:00AM – THURS 3/19 12:00PM:

Magazine from 2nd - 4th

closed folks!

SOOOOO cold Ms. Pamela!

Dear Mother Nature: you take us from 80 to this?

Leave us out of it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ears... 4

Where you been Ms. Emilie?


I am soooo presh...

I am presh... admit it!

Look at her tail!

My gosh I love this sweet face...

Disney Move set...

We (and my that I mean the pups and I) watched them film yesterday for a moment.  It is a Disney Movie...  Causing one heck of a traffic mess!

Dear Neighbors and Business Owners:This letter is to inform you that on March 3 – March 8 , we will be filming scenes at 1329 Seventh St in this area from approximately 5AM March 3 – 12:30AM March 8.
In order to facilitate filming, we need to reserve parking for our production vehicles only beginning at 5AM March 3. The streets affected are
1300 through 1400 blocks of Seventh St (Prytania St to Chestnut St)
2900 through 3000 block Coliseum St (Sixth St to Eighth St)
1400 block Sixth St (Prytania St to Coliseum St)
Prytania St 1500 block (Washington Ave to Sixth St)

Still blooming!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Officers Say Goodbye To K-9 Companion In The Most Touching Way

So emotional and beautiful...

Baby M

I received so many emails about M.  I have not heard anything today...  this is the last post/update.  Thank y'all.  She needs all the love and lifting as possible.

Most frightening day of our lives. We were convinced we were going to lose Mia this morning. She looked so close to giving up. She's not even 7 months old and she's so tired. Looking at an infant whose eyes are wide with fright is horrifying. She's telling you she can't breathe, she's begging you for help and all you can do is yell down the hall for those angels in scrubs. We had very special nurses today, they saved her life.

Dog’s DNA Test Comes Back and the Results are Hilarious


Tell us more about the company that is coming to STAY FOREVER!

Does not slow down at all...

I love Mommy


don't hate me because I am beautiful...

I played!


You know you're in New Orleans when these are the names of the pets that come to our Community Clinic in two days:
Plate Lunch
Cooter Brown
St. Vincent
Meaux Meaux
Proud to call New Orleans home!

Perfectly warm and humid day!

Monday, March 2, 2015


6 minutes ago
Early this morning M went into respiratory failure. She rapidly destated and a PAC (prevent a code) team was called in. Her pulse ox dropped rapidly, her color was gone, she was limp and non-stop coughing. She was transferred to the ICU and intubated. They had to heavily sedate her because she was still coughing non-stop on the vent. Her white blood cells are high, which indicates infection. And her red is low so she is getting a blood transfusion. So, she cannot have open heart surgery in this condition. We just consented for a central line. Before they were able to start the procedure Mia destated again and had some atelectasis (lung collapse). She is stable again and they are attempting to put in the line. They have been unable to get her femoral artery so they are attempting her jugular, which has its own risks. The CT surgeon said she cannot have surgery in this condition. He needs to get her well before she can be a surgical candidate again. She will be intubated and in the ICU until then. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep them coming.

Que son cœur être guéri ...

I met this wonderful business associate, A,  just after Katrina... (I know... some of you that are new here, do not what to hear it - stop reading... if it is bothersome, move back to wherever you came from so you don't have to hear it from those of us that lived it... okay?!) I had few people that I learned to lean on in this "business" that were local, people that lived it, did not leave it, owned it, suffered it, picked up trash on the side of the road, held hands and crossed the road - local. I quickly realized that A was doing what I did for the same reasons I did them - it was not a business, it was a need that we satisfied for ourselves and we wanted to give that peace of mind to others because we all needed it... Our businesses were born out of passion.

As an adoptee, my other connection to A is that she and her partner are parents who chose adoption. As an adoptee, that warms my heart,

Thus -

As some of you know, A and D adopted P and M.  M was born with a heart disease and they were well aware. They committed to adopting her, and did not turn in the sorry - not perfect...  giving her back card and they could have.

The details of her heart disease are not as important as the the need to give everything we can give - whatever that looks like for each one of us. Her heart does not work the way it needs to so we have to keep her heart in ours.  Whatever you do to find and offer blessings and peace,  please do so in the name of this blessed little one today...

M and her big brother P.

Hospital stay, after stay, surgery after surgery...  back in PICU, in and out and back in... waiting for heart surgery -

But, this morning her heart surgery was cancelled because she needs a little more rest and a little more lifting.   She is in NICU.  

In whatever way you do, please help A, D and her big brother P by lifting her up.