Thursday, January 7, 2010

We got a new baby!

A French Quarter baby... Awww presh!


Go the same way? Why?

We have a house guest today...

How sweet is Princess X!

Good Morning Mommy...

xxoo & cuddles!

I bet she WILL have the television show!

This is so exciting! She is the daughter of one of our wonderful clients...

The Buzz: A dog’s world
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By Christie Koriakin

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - If Lindsay Goldring were standing on a cliff with a human teetering on the edge to one side of her, and a dog on the other, both about to fall off, who would she reach for? “Knowing that the human would hold on longer, I would grab the paw and then reach for the human.” Goldring answered diplomatically, but notice that she reaches for the dog first.Goldring, operations manager for the Animal Adoption Center, lives, breathes and dreams animals. “Most of the time when I dream, I’m a dog saving another dog,” said Goldring “It’s outrageous and embarrassing.” It’s not that Goldring isn’t a people person. She’s just an animal person to the extreme, even by the standards of Jackson Hole, a community where almost every local bank gives out dog treats as well as lollipops. Goldring’s love affair with animals began early in her life, when she volunteered at a local shelter. From there she dabbled in ocean animals, helping to train Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales and then she started a dog training service, calling the Inner Pup. Last year she went back to her roots, focusing on the
stray dogs and cats in the Jackson Hole area at the Animal Adoption Center. But her interest goes beyond just local dogs and cats and even beyond animals in this country. In January, Goldring will travel to Pune, India, a rural town three hours outside Mumbai, to study with her dog-training idol, John Rogerson. Rogerson is an international legend in the world of animal behavior. Goldring calls him the “Cesar Millan of Europe.” “I think it’s really hard to find a mentor in dog training that you love and respect in all aspects, but he’s it for me,” Goldring said. “Learning from him will push me forward.” In this exclusive and advanced class, Goldring will be in charge of a pack of 10 local dogs, for three intense weeks. The pack will consist of the pets of the locals, most of which will have some type of behavior problem. Because the class is small, Rogerson can cater the program to the individual needs of each of the participants. “In my case, I don’t have much experience with aggression,” Goldring said, “so I asked for aggressive dogs.” As one component of the course, the class will speak with locals about cultural aspects of dog ownership. Goldring expects Indian dogs will have more independence than American dogs. “An owned dog there could mean that the dog lives on the stoop in front of the house and is only fed and watered by the owner,” Goldring said. “I also know they have working dogs who work as herders or hunters.” She wants to bring her international dog experience and her new training techniques back to the Animal Adoption Center. Bringing this sort of outside knowledge to her staff and to the Center’s patrons is only part of a larger plan she has to expand the scope and presence of the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson. Since taking over the position of operations manager last year, Goldring has changed the mission statement of the Center to include more community outreach. The programs have expanded to include public seminars on dog training, and programs which involve community groups like the Brownies and C bar V. Eventually Goldring dreams of turning her international interest in dogs into her own dog training travel television show. But for now she is content to keep working towards creating harmony and communication between humans and animals. “I think that we are far more connected to animals and to the Earth than we give ourselves credit for or choose to explore,” Goldring said. “If I can help people get back to those roots, then I feel like I have done my job.”
JHWPhoto: Lindsay Goldring on the job with Burt, the Animal Adoption Center’s mascot. COURTESY ANIMAL ADOPTION CENTER

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

9 & going strong!

Dulac, LA - Mission Trip - March 2010

One of our wonderful clients is particapting in this trip. They are looking for both people and financial support... Please consider this great cause.

Our Mission: To provide a spay and neuter program for the dogs and cats of Dulac, Louisiana. This not only includes family pets, but also the many animals that are roamers, that do not have homes, that were dropped off (dumped) and abandoned.

Who is going: Alethea Canter and Sheila Weitz, both residents of Jackson. We will be part of a United Methodist Church Volunteers in Mission team.

With the help of: Leslie Matherne and Tracy Lapeyrouse of My Heart’s Desire Ministry in Houma, Louisiana, and Southern Animal Foundation in New Orleans.

Where are we going: To Dulac, Louisiana, a small area populated mostly by Cajuns and the Houma Tribe. Dulac is deep in the Bayou and about 65 miles south of New Orleans.

When are we going: From March 6 to March 13, 2010.

How you can help: The money we raise will go totally towards spays and neuters of Dulac dogs and cats. Your donation will help eliminate unwanted litters of puppies and kittens and the more money we raise, the more we can do. Our goal is to raise $1,000 in donations and to contribute $1,000 of our own money for spays/neuters. In addition, we will personally pay all of our expenses (airfare, food, lodging, vehicle rental).

If you would like to be part of this team, make a donation, or want more information, please contact Sheila Weitz at 307 413-2239, or email her at Thank you for your interest in helping animals in a way that they cannot help themselves.

This is what I say about you leaving...


Mom - it is cold out here!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

After the park...

Sawyer let the babies come over to meet the kitty cat... I would bet the baby is still in hiding!

Markey Park

Mike (my great Husband), Bradley, Sawyer, Buzi, Tiny, Max, Henri & Isabelle went to Markey Park today for some good play time! How funny is Max? It has been a hectic November/December and all of our traveling clients are home or are going to be home today so, we had a little extra time today. We were talking about how sad it is when the holiday time comes to an end... We had a great holiday season! Now... on to Mardi Gras! YEA! Mardi Gras!

Look how sweet!

The five Jessica babies...
They rescued the Mommy today and guess what...
They think she may be pregnant! OUI VEY!

Look was Sawyer saw!

She wondered if it was a bad omen...
Looks like it may be!