Saturday, October 5, 2013

Well... Here we geaux!

Rubber boots ready!

If we had to roll... I am ready honey!

How cute am I? Admit it.

Old towels and sheets?

I am going to drop off some old sheets and towels somewhere next week...  Please leave anything you may have and do not use and want to get rid of for my Team next week and we will gladly take them too!  Anything else - leashes, collars, toys, etc...  

Thanks y'all! 

All is well Mommy...

This is going to be a long month with these two and that thing!

Good luck Dr. Daddy! Have fun Dr. Mommy!

It is going to depress me if I loose power during the game! #Karen

Karen forecast to hit Louisiana as a depression

Karen fcst track making landfall late tonight early tomorrow near Grand Isle & weakening.

Morning Mommy!

TS Karen damage update... this AM

This morning - Tropical Storm Karen

we are working ya'll and will be... call if you need anything!

Friday, October 4, 2013


You have no idea what a life I have...

I will just stand...

Perhaps just a tad OCD but... what a good listener!

Walkin is hard!

I need to catch a nap in the shade...

Slideshow: Tropical Storm Karen hour-by-hour radar

Fantastic visual!  Great job WDSU

Slideshow: Tropical Storm Karen hour-by-hour radar | Tracking the Tropics - WDSU Home

This Dog Totally, Completely, Utterly Adores His Owners' Newborn Baby (PHOTO)

This makes me want to have a baby (and by that I mean one with 4 legs)

This Dog Totally, Completely, Utterly Adores His Owners' Newborn Baby (PHOTO):

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Off to Camp Rome!

Saturday & Sunday


If you are traveling with your pets...

And you would like us to do something for you... please phone or email.

Traveling Parents -

In case you missed the text or email... we are going to err on the side of caution and prep yards starting this evening.  If you have something else you want us to do, please let me know.

We get you all weekend Bradley?

FYI #Karen - Mayor's Press Conference

Mayor Landrieu at TS Karen news conf: Will declare a state of emergency later today

Mayor Landrieu at TS Karen news conf: Up to 5 inches of rain through Sunday, winds 25-30 mph with higher gusts.

Mayor Landrieu at TS Karen news conf: If winds get to 40 mph, may have to consider airport restrictions

.@EntergyNOLA: It could take up to 3 days to assess damage depending on the severity of the storm. Monitor progres

Col. Sneed: Coordination between all departments & agencies is on-going. Full Emergency Operations Activation starts tonight.

One year later, family of man shot in Garden Dist. robbery struggles

Blessings to Grace and Sandy...  May peace and healing find this beautiful family.

Keeping it classy in NOLA

I am huntin too...

I am growing!

Watch WGNO @ 11am today! NOT #KAREN - #ROBIN!

Our amazing client that owns The Spice & Tea Exchange (in NOLA) will be on WGNO @ 11am this morning for her "Spice It Right" segment featuring game day snacks!  If you have never visited her store or site... they are both great.  Watch Robin @ 11am!

Check out 

So - we can all do this together okay?

Pamela is close enough to walk to us...  #karen can go scratch!


Karen's track has shifted slightly to the west. It looks like it may make its way over Plaquemines Parish .

Update as of 7am... Tropical Storm# Karen

Breakin out the rubber boots!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

4PM Update(s)

Again... business as usual unless Karen moves in a more Westward direction and becomes a bigger issue for us and evacuation orders are issued.

Make no mistake... business as usual!

Unless a voluntary or mandatory evacuation is called for the city... we are business as usual.  

Totally me.

The 610 Stompers: Deacons of Dance - Helping the pets of NOLA!

The 610 Stompers: Deacons of Dance:

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Voluntary Evacuation of Grand Isle, LA effective 2:30 PM.

State of Emergency called...


I stop at corners...

Our little Service Girl...


Latest tweets....

Also, please do be safe out there people. Most of you know drill. Be prepared, don't panic, keep pets safe, check on your neighbors

FEMA has begun to recall furloughed employees to protect life and property as they prepare for potential landfall of Tropical Storm Karen
Army Corps of Engineers plans to close a storm-surge gate protecting the New Orleans area as Tropical Storm Karen in the Gulf of Mexico

Current summary of Tropical Storm Karen for : 4 inches of rain, winds of 25-35 mph predicted Fri + Sat

Parishes and cities urge preparedness ahead of Karen

Our beautiful little C!

I hate going to the bath...

Love you Mommy!

Don't touch my toy!

Latest on TS Karen from Dr. Jeff Masters

Hurricane Watches are flying along the U.S. Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Karen heads north-northwest into the Gulf of Mexico. Karen, the eleventh named storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, formed about 8 am EDT Thursday in the Southeast Gulf of Mexico. It's not often that one sees a new storm start out with 60 mph sustained winds, but that's what an Air Force hurricane hunter plane found this morning near 7:30 am EDT, when they sampled the northern portion of the storm. A ship located about 50 miles northeast of the northeast tip of the Yucatan Peninsula measured sustained winds of 51 mph near the same time. Satellite loops show that Karen is a medium-sized storm with an area of very intense thunderstorms along its northern and eastern flanks. Wind shear has risen since Wednesday, and is now a moderately high 20 knots, thanks to strong upper-level winds out of the west-southwest. These strong winds are keeping any heavy thunderstorms from developing on the west side of Karen's center of circulation, by driving dry air that is over the Yucatan Peninsula and Western Gulf of Mexico into Karen's core. As a result, Karen has a lopsided comma-shape on satellite imagery. Karen has a strong upper-level outflow channel to its north that is helping ventilate the storm, though, and ocean temperatures are a very warm 29°C (84°F). Between 7 am and 9:30 am EDT the Hurricane Hunters made three passes though the center of Karen, and the central pressure stayed roughly constant at 1004 mb, so Karen is not undergoing much change.

Figure 1. Odds of receiving more than 4" of rain over a five-day period beginning at 2 am EDT Thursday October 3, 2013, as predicted by the experimental GFDL ensemble model.

Forecast for Karen
Wind shear will steadily increase as the storm heads north-northwest, and shear will reach a high 25 knots by Saturday morning as Karen closes in on the U.S. Gulf Coast, according to the latest SHIPS model forecast. The atmosphere will grow drier as Karen moves into the Northern Gulf of Mexico, and the drier air combined with increasing wind shear will retard development, making only slow intensification likely through Friday. A trough of low pressure and an associated cold front will be moving through Louisiana on Saturday, and the associated upper-level westerly winds will be able to turn Karen more to the northeast as it approaches the coast on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The higher shear at that time should be able to induce weakening, and the 8 am EDT Thursday wind probability forecast from NHC gave a 28% chance Karen will be a hurricane at 2 am EDT Saturday, down from 44% on Friday afternoon. Most of the models predict landfall will occur along the western Florida Panhandle Saturday afternoon or evening. The usually reliable European model has Karen making landfall over Eastern Louisiana, though. If Karen does follow this more westerly path, the storm will be weaker, since there is more dry air and higher wind shear to the west. Since almost all of Karen's heavy thunderstorms will be displaced to the east by high wind shear, there will be relatively low rainfall totals of 1 - 3" to the immediate west of where the center makes landfall. Much higher rainfall totals of 4 - 8" can be expected to the east. To judge the possibilities of receiving tropical storm-force winds at your location, I recommend using the NHC wind probability forecast. The highest odds of tropical storm-force winds (45 - 55%) are along the coast from Buras, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Florida.


He totally does not care...

Heads up traveling parents... 97L (Tropical Storm Karen)

If you are traveling and we have not spoken, please touch base as soon as possible. 

How sweet... We love y'all!