Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our little house guest...

O has been working this Mini Dingo for the last 40ish minutes.
Works for me!

Dog Day Afternoon

Next Sunday is Dog Day Afternoon!  It is such a great event and I will be out (without Henri & Isabelle) walking the vendors and enjoying the music.  Text me if you go.

Events - Dog Day Afternoon 2012 - The Louisiana SPCA:

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Heads up Team & Neighbors

I would try to avoid Prytania by McGehee this Thursday - Sunday.

Louise S. McGehee School 100th Anniversary this coming week.  Events throughout the week will bring many extra visitors and cars to the area.   Please note these times and dates as they affect you and your family.   Extra security in the immediate area has been secured by McGehee. 
  1. Thursday, March 22 from 6-8 pm Reception for Alumnae 
  2. Friday, March 23 at 1 pm,  Founder's Day Assembly on campus and Former First Lady Laura Bush will be our honored keynote speaker. This will be a ticketed event with security.
  3. Saturday, March 24, Centennial Gala from 7-11 pm. The patron party will take place at 1239 First St and the gala will take place throughout the McGehee campus. Valet parking will be on hand to help with the many cars in the area.  Ticketed event.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shout out to the beauty shop!

Looking SEXY girls! 

Catching a hang!

1 of...

Pamela's PIX for the day!  
Love her style but I need the flats version.


Paws crossed... please don't let it be cancer.  

Growing so fast...

Can this be real?

Friday &...

Parade weekend!  Yahoo...  Oh - and I am sick again.  UGH.

Great one!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We missed her...

We sure missed this little girl. Glad to see her this evening.  

Our little house guest...

Is back and growing SO MUCH.  Look how darling...  Isabelle is not a big fan of his but Henri loves to chase him around the house.  

Dog Attack - Bayou St. John

I spoke to someone who has first hand knowledge about the health and well being of the victim and the two dogs.  Both of the dogs were injured and both are on the mend.  Animal Control is investigating.

For those that want to follow the case.  The case #1122583.

I hope we are not perceived as being on some sort of witch hunt for the attackers.  I just simply want to make sure we are all safe walking your pets and that the victim has access to witness information if need be.  

Thanks for all of your concern.  I love Faubourg St. John... y'all have the BEST neighborhood network I have ever seen.  

Pamela's worm rescue!

She saved him.  She moved him from the sidewalk to the grass. I love her.

How cute...

Our newest little baby...  
(We think has already figured out how to open his crate!)

We saw an alligator...

 at Audubon Park today!  


back on lock down!  

Good Morning Mommy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

And I should sleep... Where?

Dog Attack - Bayou St. John

FYI - The victim has been in contact with Animal Control.  They can not give us any information regarding the case but I am thrilled that at least he contacted them.

I am going to continue to stay in touch with Animal Control to see if two dogs that match the description are apprehended.

What took you so long?


Drop the cookies!

Starting to love y'all more...

We have another new baby!

This one is a 7 week old... AWWW! 

I hope this is as crazy as it gets today!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Bayou St. John

If you live in BSJ and did not get my email today about a dog attack in the neighborhood, please phone or email.  We were not attacked but one of our team witnessed the attack.  I just want to make sure everyone is aware of this situation with these two dogs.

Hold me Bradley!

Can't we just cuddles?!  


Hi Mommy.

Look what my Mom found...

It is 17 years old.  
I am so happy to have it...  

His morning face...

He is such a good boy but OMG - 11 weeks!
I forgot how much work they are... 

Not a bat!

It is our new baby (traveling client not everyday) but we will take it.  So cute and just 9 weeks old.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Look at our new babies!

We love when we get new MID babies!  

He loves it!

The baby got a great work out last night.  
Yes - we will be doing it again!

Django Unchained (2012)

This is the movie they are filming 5 blocks from here.  Can't wait to walk onto the set to walk the babies every evening.  I love watching the process and all of the excitement that surrounds movie making!

Django Unchained (2012):

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FYI - Spring Forward

The loss of the hour just caught up with me.

I love Spring Forward but...  this is a killer!

You want to do what?


They fixed the trash can lid...

Things are not as fun around here!

Me again... I am so cute!

Officers crack down on leash laws as N.O. recreation panel continues to mull dog park recommendations


Officers crack down on leash laws as N.O. recreation panel continues to mull dog park recommendations |

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Run the energy off!

The baby is growing...

We have three little ones all under 11 weeks old! 

Keep me in your thoughts...

Surgery on Wednesday.  

Good morning from New Orleans!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not really into Spring forward...

Hi-tech pet gadgets - CBS News Video

Nothing blows my mind but interesting...

Hi-tech pet gadgets - CBS News Video:

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Our little Overnight guest...

Is back again this evening.  I have received so many questions about why he is here but with our confidentiality agreement/rules I can't say.  Lets just say his Mommy is very busy saving lives!    O is the most amazing 10 week old Yellow Lab.  He is so patient and great with little kids.  My Great Niece read him a story before bed time last night.  How cute is that?  

Pamela loves these babies!