Friday, April 25, 2014

Which way do he geaux?

Dear Mom & Dad:

I should get to walk Bradley more often!

Cooling off!

Yittle hot

If I sit in the yard can we go again?

I love it!


I would call this poor calendar management...

Dear President of Mowing in City Park:

Jazz Fest is sort of like Christmas.  It is the same time every year.  I would jot down the dates for next year today to make sure to avoid such frustrations...

Thanks for all you do to keep the park beautiful.



9-year-old attacked by pit bull, but vet says don't blame the breed

9-year-old attacked by pit bull, but vet says don't blame the breed: A 9-year-old Cheraw girl is recovering after police say she was attacked by a pit bull on Chestnut Street Wednesday afternoon.

Growing so fast!

Man has mission to give pups new, loving home

Bravo to this wonderful man!  Watch for a pup named Daisy who was a foster here in New Orleans with the wonderful Emily!

Wine ice cream bill advances on third try...

Why is this even a discussion?  PASS IT!

Wine ice cream bill advances on third try | Home | The New Orleans Advocate

Rare moment.....

They often sleep face to face.  
Don't let this fool you...
They are only quiet for about 5 minutes! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014



Time out for this...

Thankful for my blessings... 

Intact permit law in New Orleans an important step toward animal safety: Letter

"Common reactions to reports of fatal dog bites are disbelief and hysteria. We feel paralyzed with fear and sometimes choose quick fixes to avoid feeling out of control. It takes persistence and courage to understand the facts...."

Seat Belts For Dogs -- Soon To Be Required In Louisiana


Ms. Elizabeth had to come back to reteach my Mommy!

I am very smart!  
I get into whatever I want!

When walking my Labs in the Garden District -

This house is problematic.  

Sad don't go faces....

Yes - we do this too!

Thinking about the cookie part!

See The Hilariously Epic Response After Prosecutors Kept Requesting A Statement From A Police Dog

I love Peach.

Recalls & Withdrawals 2013 from FDA

Interesting and scary!  

Good morning NOLA!



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Barb's baby - Smokey!

19 and going strong!

Jazz Fest!

Don't forget to book your babies!  We need to see them all.  


Watching the world go by...

It is hard to get in one shot but...

"our house is a very very very fine house"

I love it!

Serious cookie faces!

Heads up Garden District neighbors!

At 10:19 this morning, the GDSD patrol received a call from a neighbor about a possible residential burglary in the 1200 block of Seventh Street in progress.  Residents were not at home.  Gaining entrance by the owner of the property, GDSD officers entered and found the suspects hiding in a bedroom.  Officers apprehended them.  NOPD arrived on the scene.  One of the suspects apparently had a knife in his possession.  A semi-automatic handgun was found on the  floor of the closet in the room. Suspects were arrested.  No one was injured in the process.   The Crime lab was called to the scene.

Catnip time!

Man this face gets me...

Jazz Fest time!

Isabelle - OY THIS KID

Isabelle was convicted and sentenced to jail today for opening the refrigerator. 

This is jail - she has to stay in jail (AKA ~ Remy's room) until I come and get her. Do the crime... do the time!  You know - 5 minutes. 

Today she decided to push the baby gate down but was smart enough to stay in the hall on the 2nd floor so she did not get caught.  This is just outside of "jail".  

She went back to jail and is currently out but on probation.  You think she cares?  Yea - No. 

Sending love from New Orleans!

All smiles this morning!

I really miss winter - said no one ever!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jazz Fest

Are you heading to Jazz Fest this weekend?  Don't forget about our babies.  We still have spaces open for both weekends so please let us know!  

We get so much pout when we leave...

And we are all suckers for it!

Stay away from me!

Someone broke in a tore up some things.

But they did not get my toy!

Pout eyes!

Formal wear!

dapper dawg!

Cancer-Causing Aflatoxins Found In Dog Foods

Interesting read

Happy 20th! Birthday Snookums

Pamela and her Husband are celebrating Snookums 20th today!  20 years - amazing and can still climb the 6' cat tree and no medication at all.  Amazing!  


Adoption day!