Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

We are going to miss y'all!

Our sweet babies are leaving us.  We are going to miss them so much... They are always a joy and you just never know what they may have been into when you walk in the door.

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing them with us and good luck to you all...  Keep in touch and never hesitate to phone if you get into a bind.

Just wait to see what happens next year!

Geaux Saints! 

Thank you Elizabeth!

I have this next to me in case one of the babies tries to get me! 
I will not kill it... just give it a headache! 

Hard to walk Pamela!



Looks like the vehicle of choice in BSJ...


One of my best friends and most important people in my life suggested I phone him.   I am considering it.

We love our new baby!

Seriously... I am about to list 3101!

Last night I almost lost it... actually - I may have lost it a little.  Imagine my surprise when I glanced down and saw this HUGE mouse in the house.  Mouse.  That is a mouse in the kitchen.  IN THE KITCHEN Y'ALL.  Thank goodness the babies were in the back yard.  I jumped on the counter and went all spiderman from one counter to the other until I got to the counter with the bowls.  I finally got the courage to sneak down to take the photo and slam the bowl on top of her.  (I think she is a girl and I believe that she had 46 babies somewhere in the kitchen and that they are watching me.)  It is at that point I started loosing my mind...  Well - I may have lost it when I saw it.

The mother mouse who just gave birth to the 46 babies...

I started thinking that she might have mad mother strength and could get out so I decided to weigh it down.

This is at the point I really lost it...  

It was about this point I phoned my exterminator...  and asked Henri to keep an eye on her.

It was at this point someone assured me they would be here soon to save my life.

It was at this point I decided these would be the only babies I wanted in my house.  It was also the point I left the house until she was successfully captured and removed from the kitchen.
Exterminator (who also happens to be a client too)...  is on the way.  I swear if I see another one in this house I am going to  put the house on the market on Ash Wednesday.  I would hate to miss 8th & St. Charles for Carnival!  

New hair dos!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We lost a baby...

Yesterday we found out that one of our little girls passed away and to a person, it just broke our heart.  She was doing well and quickly took a downward turn.  She did not want to eat and that was very unlike her.  Mommy took her to the vet and long story short, she died suddenly despite the efforts of the best Vet and the amazing team that they have.  Sometimes, that just happens...  she had a very large tumor that grew very quickly.  It makes it so much harder when you do not have time to prepare yourself and I can't imagine what her Mom and Daddy are feeling.  

R was one of those dogs that did not realize she was a dog... she liked people WAY more than dogs.  She loved her walks but did not move fast because she took time to stop and smell the flowers.  My team would walk her before the transports to her vet but because it was so close they would let her ride in the car and stick her little nose out of the window.  She loved her car rides!  

I have so much respect for her parents because they rescued her when she was a Senior.  That takes so much courage because you know your time is limited.  

Sweet little girl... we will all miss you.  I hope you can find my Remy and I know you will actually like him.  He thought he was a person too!  Y'all can gang up on all the other dogs...  rest in peace little girl.  You gave us joy and we are so thankful that your parents shared you with us.  Much love... 

Watching Bradley this week...

He is doing just fine here...  

FDA Reports 500 Dog Deaths From Chicken Jerky Treats; More Brands Recalled | Find A Vet

Heads up y'all!

FDA Reports 500 Dog Deaths From Chicken Jerky Treats; More Brands Recalled | Find A Vet:

'via Blog this'

How long can we play outside?

Best dressed - off to school!

Hunting for something!

Can we skip to the cookie part?

Sad really...

that they have to tell us that!  

I will be nice to the Falcons fans but Goodell best not try to talk to me!  I will go all sorts of crazy on check me into Mandeville crazy, paging Dr. Julie crazy!  

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2013

Yea!  Derek is with Ellis on Sunday May 5th!  I get to slide in with him a few times this year that I know of (NOJO, his students)... I LOVE IT!

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2013

Yea - I am bad -

I wear skulls!

Today... 45ish outside!

Thank goodness I started a Pet Care Company...  I really do not want to go out there!  So, I am made Erin do the AM, Megan is doing the MID and Erin is doing the PM and the boss has the heater and flip flops on!

Do you have seven minutes?

Amazing how trusting they are...  
Bless those that save!

Thank goodness for small favors...

Dear Mother Nature:   Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Now - warm it up just a bit please.

Hi Y'all!

Would you look at the time...

Henri and Mommy are up... Max and Isabelle are still sleeping at 8:48am!

Come on man...

Warm it up!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I love this Mommy...

A year or so ago, a client spoke to Pamela about how to safely trap outdoor kitty cats and about how Pamela handles doing so.  (Pamela and her husband Mike are the most amazing, giving, loving, caring people I have ever met and they save so many lives...  I could go on an on!)  This client left today and left a note for Pamela that reads in part... "Over the last six months, I trapped, neutered... 11 cats.  Also, after I found the tabby kitten you saw last time, I was able to catch him and got a coworker to take him.  He is now living the life of luxury on the North Shore under the name Simon..."  That is so honorable and giving,  time consuming and very expensive.

I respect Pamela and Mike and this client so very much for saving lives...  One baby at a time.  Much love y'all!

This made my day!

You know, I was just telling someone that we can't service that we may not be the biggest company in the city but I would rather a close, small family than a TON of  random clients.  

Do I have to go out there?


She gets so excited!

Our sweet Bayou B is back...

Best ears EVER!

My poor team...


No - you come get me...

Ready for the first one!