Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look at our new baby...

Our newest client... Amelia.
What a difference 7 days makes!

Total rumor...

Garden District neighborhood rumor = Apple Store

Violet man used baseball bat, sword on pit bull, police say

I would like to take a baseball bat to this guy! I hope they severely punish him... Story...

How sweet is this Mommy?!

When Mommy leaves, she hides treats all over the house for the baby!



Best Saturday activity EVER.

Not what you expect...

On a Saturday morning at Audubon Park! War games?

Friday, April 8, 2011


I think he is faster than the camera! Cousin It?

Hanging in Jackson Square...

Thanks Team New Orleans Pet Care!


Give me 10 minutes!

Pass the sun block and cat nip!

Beautiful outside!

Heading to French Quarter Fest with the pups?

A few things to keep in mind...

A client just reminded me of this... You can't bring dogs into the square or in to the space at Harrahs.

Cabrini Dog Park is @ Barracks & Dauphine (off leash) and can be a great place to play... It is not a members park so anyone is welcome. It can get a little "interesting" so you may want to observe before you let your baby in to play.

Chiwawa Gaga is a great little pet store @ 511 Dumaine Street.

Pirates Alley Cafe is a fantastic dog friendly restaurant located @ 622 Pirates Alley - next door to St. Louis Cathedral.

Have a great time! Mine two are staying home (to loud, huge crowd makes me nervous!)... Mommy is going to play!

How cute are these 2?!

My dream client...

Amelia Update... (The last one)

queue the Awwwwws!
@ home with her new Daddy photos
I am so happy for both of them...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amelia Update...

I am thrilled to announce that baby Amelia has found a forever home. We are all so excited for her and her new Daddy.

Matthew, Rebecca and Heidi - thanks for saving her. Matthew - you are amazing!

Sawyer & Buzi - thank you for fostering her and letting her TT in your house, chew Buzi's ears, keep y'all up, torture the cats, etc... She is growing into a fine little girl and we could not have done this without you.

Helen - You are amazing... your connections are amazing! Thanks so much for this connection.

Amelia's Daddy - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you... You have given her a life that she could have never had. She is so blessed.

It is a great day y'all!


Where is our cookie?

Happy Dance!

Side note... I need some bloomers!

Look at our new baby...

She and Barb were checking each other out!

Baby B, my finger and Barb's legs!

Heads up Garden District Clients

Our big male Tabby cat, "Tiger," has disappeared. PLEASE let us know if you have seen him. Three children (and one mom) miss him dearly!! He is microchipped, but has lost his collar. He has a big tummy- weighs about 16 pounds!

She is camera shy!

Amelia Update...

Yesterday Amelia, Sawyer and I met a prospective Daddy in the park. We were playing with a toy before he arrived... I love little ones - attention span of a flea!

Keep your fingers crossed... we may have a Daddy for her y'all. We LOVE him and think he loves her too. I will keep you posted. Cross your paws!

Save the date y'all!


NOLACity Bark will host its second "101 Donations" fundraiser at the Pavillion of the Two Sisters in City Park. Our goal is to raise $60,000 to be used for the installation of lights and irrigation.

Our adorable Dalmatian wooden cut-out dogs will once again be for sale and hung on the fence to show your support for the dog park.

Mark your calendar for an evening of food, drink, music and a fantastic auction.

If you would like to help with a committee-auction, food, decorating, etc, contact us at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time out...

Check out Derek (my brother) and his students from the Jazz & Heritage Foundation at Snug Harbor. Awww! They (his students) are playing at French Quarter Festival & Jazz Festival. Check them out if you can. They are the future of jazz in New Orleans!

Video Thumb

Mar 30, 2011 5:55pm

1:14 Added last Wednesday
Our Heritage School of Music students in action at Snug Harbor last weekend.

Not a client...

If you see this - RUN!

Little B...

Yelling at the big kids!

Amelia Update...

This is my happy face!
(This is me on Sawyer's lap)

Bradley brings up a great question...

How drunk were they?

Exciting Public Art Celebration ~ LA/SPCA

The LA/SPCA is excited to launch a new public art celebration. Modeled after many successful New Orleans public art projects in recent years including: A Streetcar Named Inspire and Festival of Fins, this project will feature the Mardi Gras Bead Dog® (design and mold donated byHaydel’s Bakery).This iconic symbol of New Orleans' favorite holiday expresses the LA/SPCA's mission to advocate for the animals in this region. Paws on Parade will be rolling through the streets of New Orleans in 2012 from Mardi Gras through the summer.

What is a Mardi Gras Bead Dog®?

A tradition among generations of New Orleanians, children create Bead Dogs from discarded Mardi Gras throws. A few twists and turns transform a necklace of beads into a fun trinket to enjoy. Haydel’s Bakery adopted the Mardi Gras Bead Dog® as their mascot and has graciously donated the sculpture’s mold to promote the LA/SPCA’s

Ni Hao Meow...

Sending love to China!

Amelia Update...

Baby Amelia playing with Buzi's tail.

Y'all - please send good thoughts and vibes our way... We are hoping we can find our little girl a forever home REAL soon. She is a doll and is going to make someone very happy!

If you are emailing us about Amelia. Please use...

If you have not heard from us please resend your email to the address above.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Amelia Update...

If you are emailing us about Amelia. Please use...

If you have not heard from us please resend your email to the address above.

We love each other...

Brother & Sister (litter mates too!) love...
Chasing cats makes you sleepy!

Top Chef Masters Season 3 - For Culinary Glory

Top Chef Masters Season 3 starts tomorrow... Chef Sue is competing for LA/SPCA! Check out her Gambit interview.

Such a sad situation... Stolen from the French Quarter

I can't see & I can't hear but...

I am happy!

Press Release from LASPCA - Sounds like a great event!

For Immediate Release:

What: Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House and LA/SPCA at the Grand Opening party for The Rock n Roll Café

When: April 15th, 16th, and 17th

Who: Music lovers, local band members, celebrities, politicians, the media, and anyone who wants to have a great time while supporting 2 great causes!

Where: 3401 N. Hullen, Metairie, LA 70002

JOIN us for the Grand Opening Weekend Bash of the new Rock N Roll Café with radio icon Scoot in the Morning, while helping out the Ronald McDonald House (a place where families of out-of-town hospitalized children can stay for a very low cost) and LA/SPCA (a private non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering). The Rock n Roll Café is an all age’s venue, with a full menu and bar that caters to what New Orleans does best – celebrate music! A percentage of sales from the opening weekend as well as donations at the door will be given to both charities. In addition, representatives from each will be at The Rock n Roll Café to provide information to interested parties and raise awareness of their mission.

The grand opening weekend will consist of live music all three days – Ukulele Jake and Grunge Factory on Friday from 6-10, The Beachhouse Allstars 7:30-9 on Saturday, and Flashback and Eight OH 7 from 5-9 on Sunday. All of the bands will be doing unplugged, acoustic shows, which are a rarity, and gives the bands a chance to show off their skills and do something different from their routine shows.

New Orleans’ own “Scoot in the Morning”, is the iconic radio personality behind this whole concept. When Scoot in the Morning moved back to New Orleans recently, he had the idea of recognizing and celebrating local bands. The Rock n Roll Café features well- known local bands playing acoustic/light electric shows on Wednesday nights at 8pm. In addition, there will be another night in which teens and younger children can showcase their musical skills in a safe, all ages venue. Various other attractions and events that are nowhere to be found in New Orleans will be held at The Rock n Roll Café throughout the coming year.

Memorabilia from local bands will adorn the walls. Currently there are items from The Molly Ringwalds, Cowboy Mouth, The Topcats, Bag of Donuts, and 5 Finger Discount, just to name a few. The Rock n Roll Café is set to become THE place for local bands, fans, and others who are just looking to hang out in a place that is like no other!

The Rock N Roll Café will be the late-night spot for food and beverages AFTER bands finish shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Please join us for the Grand Opening Weekend of The Rock n Roll Café, while supporting two great causes, on April 15, 16 and 17th. Scoot in the Morning is available for interviews and can be reached at (504) 617-0584 or through Ashley Belding at (504) 232-9242.


Sunday-Thursday: 11am-12am

Friday-Saturday: 11am-5am

Lori A. Haeuser

Community Outreach

Louisiana SPCA

Protect Your Pets From Easter and Springtime Hazards

Ah, spring. It is nice to have a little color after a long winter. Easter and springtime decorations (and edibles) liven the scenery, but also pose a potential hazard to pets. Who knew that plastic Easter grass could be dangerous? Article...

Our driver... is taking us to CCV...

and... we don't think we are going to like our Dr. appointment!

Heading out...

My driver is taking me to Southeast for my tests!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Coyote spotted in Uptown - WWL News Story

Goodness... scary!

OH MY! - the NOLA Coyote is tweeting... Whatyagonnado?!

nolacoyote your backyard...

Recent Tweets

Well, @...should I be hiding under house.
Yay! @ is following me. Perhaps she help me outwit the evil Capt. Lex Luther!
P.S. Capt! That's one hellava name. You got bald ass in the same name.

Crazy eyes...

Give me my cookie NOW eyes!

Wild Coyote in the Audubon, Upper Hurstville & TwinBrook area - HEADS UP Y'ALL!

Uptown Neighbors: Please note the following from our NOPP patrols:

Wild Coyote in the Audubon, Upper Hurstville, and TwinBrook area:

I received a call from a resident in the 6000 block of Garfield, and was informed that some neighbors told her they seen a wild coyote going in her back yard. As I was sitting on State St. at Garfield writing a report the coyote appeared I followed it until it left the area on Camp heading toward Jefferson. I notified NOPD , Audubon Park Security, and called Charles Parker Wildlife removal @ (504) 338-7517 and informed them of the situation.
Capt. Baldassaro

FYI- a coyote has no qualms about killing a cat or a dog and can probably take on all but the largest canine breeds (say, German Shepherds and larger). This is a real problem for the ‘hood ‘til the animal gets caught (or shot). Humans are rarely attacked but I cannot speak for this particular coyote!

Louis Gurvich
NOPP, President