Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hi Mommy!

Cannnot deal

Do you get to come back?

Why is this so funny to me? - I fixed it.


Open it!

I love you too Ms. Barb!

Will you be back Ms. Pamela?

Nola Problems

I have a few to add today.

Nola Problems:

By the way - if you are from here or live here and you don't laugh at one or two of these...  I would totally move.

'via Blog this'

How cute is that?

This is the kitty cat that Pamela found.  I want her to keep it!

Hello NOLA!


I got these for my Mommy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

They won

Thank goodness I am here.  

Really? Ummmm - no. They won but so doubt they used my pre game. Perhaps next week! 

One more thing -

I wrote a motivational speech for a little girl Softball Team. I would post it but I may try to make some $ off of it. Totally will do the trick. #winning #winnerwinnerchickendinner #powerfulsoftbutmovedme #noicecream

Dear Bravo:

Thank you so very much for filming whatever you are filming in Nola. Love you so much.  Huge favor - please use 7th, & 8 th @ St. Charles for whatever but whatever you are doing, please don't put Padma and Tom on the corner... It is just going to get a little crazy. People can't help it. I don't think the man really wanted to yell those things - he may have been a fan of NBC.  If I were in charge - I would totally run for cover. 

That is either -

Super sad or my farm obsession is out of control.

Small city or big company?

For the second time in a few years, a client bought a client's house.

Just cracks me up...

Happy long weekend!

Would it be wrong if I kicked the Physical Therapist?

I might have anger issues.  I wonder if they hate me too?  Someone call Bradley and leave a message and tell him your name is Ms. Marker.  Anita Marker and see if he takes the message.

Did we mention? We love watching them grow...

My beach photo for the day!

Traveling Exhibit Highlights the Human-Animal Bond

I hope they stop in NOLA!

Traveling Exhibit Highlights the Human-Animal Bond:

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The stress of my parents travels are -



Just open the door lady.

Our newest baby...

Who needs a vacation?

Parents are in Korea so -

Ms. Erin had my party.  Quiet party - just us, cookies and water.

My house...

I can't really get started because I can't read my email fast enough about my ghost girl.  Yes, some people have seen a little ghost girl in my house and they have seen her at different times but describe her the same way and in the same location in the house.  These are people who have never met each other or had a conversation about her nor had I had conversations about her with them.  So to answer some of the burning questions.

  1. No I have not.  As I said, if I do - I am moving.  I will pack the next morning and be out by noon.
  2. On the second floor in "Remy's room".  
  3. A lot of action on the third floor.  I have three huge bookcases in odd places on the third floor.  They were there when I bought the house.  It was this guy's office.  I kid you not, at least once a month or so, something that was on one of the bookcases is on the floor.  
  4. No, I don't believe in ghosts or at least that is what I tell myself at 2am when Isabelle is barking at a wall.  

I just report what we see...

Jersey Shore beaches...

Reopening after 7 months.  Dang - we could not even get our trash picked up on a weekly basis after 7 months after the "Federal Flood". And, I am pretty sure you could have even gotten a free refrigerator in NOLAE 7 months later.  Nice job Jersey.

Kiss me Ms. Barb!

Slow news day?

Morning Daddy!

#hauntedhouse #callingghosthunters

At 2:00am ish, Isabelle stands in my bed and starts growling at the wall. She refused to go back to her bed.  She went outside, came back to bed and she did it again. She finally stopped but only after I tuned on the lamp. If I ever see this ghost I swear I am moving.

PS - 4 sleeping dogs are in my  bed and I am wide awake looking for the ghost girl. 

Ticket to Mandeville please. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013



Yub Yub Yub

A yesterday photo...

Sorry Mommy!

Rule Number whatever...

If it did not rain today and you see water...  don't park in it.  It is a HUGE sink hole brought to you by the City of New Orleans.

Megan learned a very important lesson today!

This is why we have a plan B...  onward and upward.  Thanks Barb (oh - and this is an entire different story.)

Drop the cookies and back out!

Is that considered advertising?


Land the plane...  get the note completed and give us the cookies!

You can't get me!


Look what Pamela just found...

She is a little girl.  How cute is that smile?!  I want to name her.  I love her.

You can power the entire hood with that!