Friday, September 9, 2016

Well, well, well... UGH

Let us all hope these just go away.

Em sent a care package to her latest rescue...

He is in his new home and she hears that he is doing great. He is such a pretty baby!

I love Louisianimals!

Bless our hearts but we know how to pass a good time!

So tiny

That smile on the little is so cute!

Hiding out!


Sending love!

My face when I hit snooze and accidentally sleep for another hour!

We get him every single day!

Thursday, September 8, 2016



I love seeing her! I love her bike, her bumpin music and her outfits are to die for!

Remy and art!

We call him Tiny!

We got our hair done too!

New do!

Wait! One more tookie!


Don't you dare get up without me!

Love this smile!

Photo from yesterday...

I will say it again... Gene is amazing!

Wowzer - today is insane for some reason. Don't know why but I LOVE it! 

Good Mornin!

This sweet one...

Is having surgery this morning.

Sending all of our love, prayers and good vibes to her! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Golden Tickets!

Gene Goldring is absolutely amazing. She is responsible for saving 46 lives today.  And that is just today! She coordinated a transport for flood babies to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Dog Is My Co-Pilot. I pulled this photo from her Facebook wall. If not have not already, please visit her non profit organization page - The Inner Pup of New Orleans.

WWL did a segment about it today.

I know I go on and on about Gene but for good reason... she makes a difference and this city is blessed to have her.

Grace & Hope

I just had the most amazing thirty minute phone call with our babies Mom. I adore her... The girls are having some belly issues but other than that, things are going well. They have made contact with the kitty cats so - so far so good. I would bet CAS (Mom) does not feel this way but I feel like she is part of my family now. I could not be more thankful that they saved our little girls.

I know I have to let them go but it is super hard! I am going to work on becoming more Elsa like!

It UM!

Ears for days

Hims so sweet!

I am totally better!

Haha! More emails/texts about the girls today!

Not yet. I have not gotten an update today. Believe me... I am dying too!

Oh the stress

Grace and Hope's Parents did not introduce the girls to the cats lastpm...

I am so nervous! Waiting to hear if I need to drive to New Jersey to pick them up!


Morning Mommy

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


They are pulling in to their driveway
They are on the N J turnpike



You know what we could really use?

Rain. We really need rain. 

You can't see it but you can see that Waffles thinks the same. Ugh! STOP!



He is a baby y'all!

Hang on... You are here for me!

This smile gives me life!


And just like that... they are off to NJ

Goodness. So anxious!

So nervous!

I hope they love um!

So excited!