Saturday, July 28, 2012

I hung this in my office...

2012/2013 - We got this!

Misc. Other walk!

Wow - I hope they have a big broom!

Vacation is over?

But - we need more toys!

But it is Saturday?!


"Animal Disaster Management is not so much a cute and fuzzy animal issue... It is a human issue".

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Redrover Workshop

#redrover workshop is very informative. Great to be in a room full of pet lovers!

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My serious face...

Serious = give me breakfast!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Red Rover Responder - Workshop

Tomorrow is our RedRover Responders volunteer training workshop.  This workshop is a keystone step in a two-part volunteer training program to join the RedRover Responders volunteer roster.  

The workshop is tomorrow at the American Red Cross Southeast Chapter in the Robert W. Merrick Building.  The building is located at 2640 Canal Street.  Registration begins at 8:30am and starts at 9:00am.  

We do have a few spaces open so, consider joining us and we look forward to seeing y'all there!  

I will be tweeting!

My spot!


Here we geaux again!

Sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We can dry off here!

Max after the pool...

One track mind...

Lap time!



And so it goes...

This upset me so much but made me so happy...

Email from one of our wonderful clients....

Hi Nicole,

I wanted to email you and tell you that we have moved to Dallas.  We had to relocate for J job.  We are really sad to leave New Orleans, but trying to make the best of it.  We have had our house up for sale for little while and I think I was in denial somehow hopping that maybe if it did not sell we would not move.  Well, the sale closed last week and we are official no longer tied to New Orleans.  H and F are very upset and not liking it in Dallas.  They have lived at E their whole lives and are having a hard time adjusting to Dallas.  I wanted to tell you, we love love New Orleans Pet Care and all your wonderful employees.  No one will ever be able to replace Pamela (F has told me many times).  We have tried a pet care service in Dallas and so far it has been below mediocre.  No nice notes, no cute picture on the blogs, and no kisses and cuddles from Pamela.  I have a very hard time leaving the boys at all, because I feel sad for them when I am away.  They don’t get any real attention or love, just some food dumped in their bowl and it shows.

Well, I could go on forever, but we miss New Orleans Pet Care beyond words.  You have truly built a unique and caring business, beyond any other.  You have an amazing group of people that really do fill the place of parents when they can’t be with their pets.  Please tell Pamela the boys are heartbroken without her and we appreciate all the love she has given them in our absence over the years. F asked if I could drive to New Orleans and drop him off at P house next time I need to leave town. 

I am going to try and keep looking for a new service here, but really hard to find people that are good with cats, especially shy ones like ours.  I do hope one day that we will move back to New Orleans and back with New Orleans Pet Care.  I sure hope when we come back Pamela is still with you too!  My husband and I love the city so much, but work opportunities seems to take us away. 

Thank you for everything,

P.S. I still look at the blog as least once a week, sometimes more!  I just love the pictures and captions.  It is always a picks me up on a bad day.

Say it ain't so...

You will be back Hubig's Pies and we will be here waiting for you!

Ginger is home!

From Facebook...

"Did you hear the good news?? They found Ginger yesterday! A sweet lady found her in the parking lot at CVS on Prytania hiding under a tree and took her home to take care of her. Then she saw the posters around the neighborhood and called Robin. They're elated!! Thanks for helping spread the word."

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This made my day!

"You guys are stars!! Thanks ever so much. It's been a wonderful five weeks. "

She called us stars... what a compliment!  I

Little nuggets!

Walkin Erin is hard work!

Lunch is the best part of the visit...

Much more modest...

Dance like no one is watching...


I miss the big kids!

Neighbors & Clients: - Did you hear? @ Toledano/St. Charles (So sad...)

At approx 4 am this morning, GDSD officers were called to assist NOPD on the scene of an accident involving a      ~ 23 year old white male pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle.    The vehicle left the scene and the injuries to the pedestrian resulted in a fatality.  No further information is known at this time. 


I would leave this up forever... 

Ready for the cookie portion of the visit...

Good Morning Mommy!

We really needed this vacation...  Justsayin.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Please keep your eyes out for this little one... Home invasion!

LOST TOY POODLE last spotted Uptown at Upperline and Prytania.....cute little female toy poodle - "Ginger" . She was spooked during a home invasion/burglary and ran out of the house. She needs daily meds and is on a special diet. Searching for her nonstop since Monday 7/23. Cash Reward - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Help bring her home....504-905-6576

Dear Mother Nature:

That is just about enough.  
Slow your roll...  

Walkin' Erin makes me happy...

Did you say cookie?

I am all ears! 

So happy today!

I love my city!

My Barb loves me so much...

and I love walkin' her!


Good morning New Orleans!

Huge favor... See this sweet face?!

Baby R and Mommy are having and are going to have a really long day trying to figure out what might be wrong with him and how to make it better.  Please send some good vibes, say a prayer - whatever you do to offer peace and comfort.  They both need lots of arms around them today.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kiss me...

Be safe y'all - Person walking dog on Calhoun this AM...

Story on Uptown Messenger.  10:15am on Calhoun......walking his dog with iPod ......guy on bike passed him and came back - grabbed him from behind, cut him and took his wallet.

Thanks HR for the heads up.  Share please y'all.  If you are going to listen, listen with one ear in and one out.  Watch your back and watch each other tooa

I can not get enough of these ears!

We like this Erin girl better!

One of NY's new laws clamps down on dog fights - Utica, NY -

New York law bans the manufacturing, sale and possession of dog items used in dog fighting.  

One of NY's new laws clamps down on dog fights - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York:

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Cute gift idea for doggy lovers/owners...

And 10% goes to supporting a rescue organization.  Check it out...


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My serious face...

The best part...

Monday, July 23, 2012

1-800-Flowers denies a year’s worth of dog food to animal rescue winner | Blog Four Paws

Come on 1.800 Flowers...

1-800-Flowers denies a year’s worth of dog food to animal rescue winner | Blog Four Paws:

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One of us...

has something else on the mind.

Rachael Ray

Thank you Rachel Ray for what you did to honor of B death.  $10,000. to North Shore Animal League will save a lot of lives!

What is Rachael Ray Nutrish?:

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Is this the cookie portion?

Thank goodness for...

Canine Connection...

Play time!

Litter mates...

10 months... bless Mom - been there/done that.  

Look who came out...

Just playing hard to get!