Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Da baby

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 I love working from coffee shops all over New Orleans. I come with a notebook, calendar, and a fully charged computer, so I can be outside, enjoy the heat, and be mask-less. It’s incredible to reconnect with the New Orleans community; we never know who we are going to meet, and when we do, to discuss our mutual passions.


We are grateful to be this busy and we are grateful to be able to do this work. It’s incredible what we continue to accomplish. 


For example:


  • This morning, we were on a conference call with our Best Friends advisor. We discussed the demographics of the BF Annual Animal Conference, with a 4000 person audience. We look forward to sharing our program and hopefully inspire other prevention-based animal welfare programs to launch. 
  • Last week we got a call we were waiting for, welcoming our humane education program back into the schools in New Orleans after a full year off. 
  • We've completed our 18 monthly long Banfield grant where we sent 81 dogs and 3 cats to the vet. Some pet owners needed our help because they were job-loss; other stories that pulled our heartstrings involved pet lovers who couldn’t turn down a dog to rescue but could not afford the bills. 
  • To conduct our clinics safely with Covid, we now need 24 volunteers. Our clinic staff includes 11 LSU shelter club vet school students, and a total of 2 vets at the clinic to meet the demands of our larger clinics.  
  • Our monthly clinics have been on fire. In March, we saw 159 dogs, a massive record for us; 45 of those dogs are new clients. Our next in-person clinic is set for May 29th, and we are crazy excited to offer 6 months of free injectable Heartworm Prevention to qualifying low-income clients! These advances get us closer to our goal of equity of vet care.


Nowadays, when a client pulls up to our clinic, we see more clients who both frequent our clinics and whom we are assisting with our veterinary grant. It's these clients that Lee, our canvas lead, is reaching out to, to be a safety net in their communities. We check on them, and they check on us. Marvin (you may remember Marvin, a client from a previous video!) called us just last night to say hi. He asked how his doggie's (god)momma was doing. Building these relationships and sharing information, is what it's all about. 


It’s an explosion of the heart, to be recognized as leaders in the prevention-based animal welfare sector throughout the country. This speaker-acceptance to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary conference, means that animal welfare is becoming more progressive. People now understand that animal welfare is not an animal challenge; it’s a community responsibility. 


This is why we do the work we do. And this is why you believe in us, too. Thank you so much for your continued support. 


In gratitude,


Lindsay (and Genie) Goldring

Co-Founders . The Inner Pup



PS.  GiveNOLA day is here! 

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