Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our newest doodle bugs!

Welcome to our family!

Finally... it is the 15th of November and I am finally -

getting to the top five read and shared blog posts. 
It has been one heck of a month (and a heck of a year!) . Thank you for reading and sharing!  

  1. Charismatic Minifauna Never Touch Anything That Looks Like Donald Trump’s Hair

Be careful and keep a watchful eye! 

We are crossing our fingers and paws that this little girl gets a home.  She stayed at Crescent City Vet  for a few weeks and they took such good care of her.  Dr. Henry is so wonderful to us.  We found a potential family and they named her Juliette.  Her Dad is in the midst of taking his "boards" and we hope that after the 21st she will get to live with them on a farm in Picayune, Mississippi. She is doing great but having to learn manners.  It is obvious that she was only used to breed. She is HW+ and still needs to be spayed but all in time...  Her perspective Grandmother has been visiting her at Canine Connection  and I hope that the family decides to keep her.  I can't thank team CC enough for taking care of her for us and Megan for taking her to her follow up appointments.  

5.  I have insurance obligations.  I get some side eye and shade but... I don't care.    

The only thing that would make this a better club... if it was called "diet"

He will always be my "baby bother".  

@  Dizzy's  

"Happy 80th Birthday to jazz legend, Ellis Marsalis! We couldn't be more excited to have him at Dizzy's this weekend. Watch a free live webcast tonight. Sets at 7:30 & 9:30PM EST.

"It’s one of those weekends where you may not want to leave the Rose Hall jazz multiplex: at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola , jazz’s most celebrated patriarch, Ellis Marsalis, is celebrating his 80th birthday with a quartet of fellow New Orleanians (of a much more recent vintage)." - The Wall Street Journal"

Wish it was warm so we could go play!

Hello - It is super cold... we should be rollin!

We are up and at um!


Friday, November 14, 2014

He needed his PJs on...

So tiny, so cold!

Action shots!


Get back to work Nicole!

I fixed the ice maker. 

Cooper Loves Ice Cream

No really... time to go walkin!

It is freezzzzzin

Black and Gold Friday y'all!

I love this...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top Gun baby!

And we are sitting because?

Listen - We go to the roof top and cuddle...

They will never know.  Well - they will if they watch the camera but if they do not - totally get away with it.  OR - we could all get on the sofa and cuddles.  Thoughts Ms. Erin?

In other news... Yoko Ono

Okay - well thank you Yoko.  That was beautiful.

Barb had an encounter today...

Everyone worked today and some of them actually love this weather!  My personal “Team Member de jour” is Megan.  Why? Because she is going to walk my babies this afternoon so I do not have to subject myself to this arctic blast. 

Thank you Megan... and everyone for not complaining about the weather.  

Hurry lady... It is way to cold out here!

Pwz let me stay in here...

This sort of news is why I am on edge all day long when my team is out... (See photo below)

Update: questioning homeowner who fatally shot an unknown man in his front yard at 1900 block of Fern St. around 10am

Always a comforting too see while walking dogs...

Why are you dressed like that?


If you need a house - Sounds like this Mom will buy one for you...

You give me the cookie, go for a walk and come back and give me another cookie...

I will stay here!

Burr Mommy...

Life is over... Until Saturday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good pm dawgs!

How darling are these two new kids? Thanks Mommy!

I want all of these cars!

I love these cars!  I can't wait to watch.

Hard to work with Isabelle in your face...

OH NO – The Polar Blast is here!

57.7 °F

Low and slow... #shortproblems

What up dawg?

Thank you Mother Nature...