Saturday, March 14, 2020

Last moments of peace in  #ascensionparish  before we head back to #nola  Although this situation overall can’t be compared with #Katrina my feelings about it can. I think we have seen the last glimpse of Nola life as we know it today. We are all just a few people away of knowing someone who has suffered or will suffer this and that haunts me.  I sure hope I am wrong.  #baggage #ptsd 

Good day behind us...

I know it will be changing in a week or so and I think not for the better. 

Not adhering to social distancing direction

Friday, March 13, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020

I can’t even figure out what legs are what.

FYI - CCV posted an update...

regarding drop off/pick up. It is on social media and on website. 

He quit



It’s more of a smell

Sugar face

By the way...

Katrina did not destroy us... this won’t either.

Love you Mom

Some good news...

Coronavirus ~ 3.12.20

Firstly, thank you all for you support. I will be blogging daily with the status of our business. I am hopeful I can keep all of my team working but may need to move them around a bit. We are being very vigilant about hand washing and sanitizing in all of your homes.  For those of you working from home and are still using us, thank you... we realize that opens another avenue of risk for you. 

We are all in this together... I have your back and I know you have ours too.