Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Bastille Day!

J'espère que vous avez apprécié la journée ... sinon, prétendre que vous êtes en France demain et essayez à nouveau!

Voluntary Recall of Purina Products Due to Potential Elevated Vitamin D Level

Heads up y'all!

Voluntary Recall of Purina Products Due to Potential Elevated Vitamin D Level:

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To D from IL

I loved you first.  

Thanks for reading the blog!  We love our readers...  

OH AND - the 270 - 300ish a day...

On the way to a better booty!

Big thanks to Erin for being so observant this am and making sure this booty is better! Thanks Crescent City Vet for letting us bust in the door when we need you!

Missing Blind Dog Found After Surviving 8 Years Alone in Forest

This is amazing!

Missing Blind Dog Found After Surviving 8 Years Alone in Forest | Life With Dogs:

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Not actual clients -

but funny!

Hold my hand...


I love when clients play with photo shop!

Caturday - Not starting off so well!

TIME OUT - For the Dr. Visit

The baby is doing so good...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Poor Erin!

Rain, rain go away!!

In honer of the deal being done...

You can't tell but I am thrilled!

Is it time to eat again?

Sexy Max - Pool boy today...

Rain makes me...

Sleepy!  Actually - life makes me sleepy!

My new do!


We got Drew Brees!


Well - that looks relaxing...

sort of.

Please let me get it!

Off to school!

Marisa & Bowie

Marisa's last week with us was a few weeks ago but she just left New Orleans this morning heading to Veterinary School in Scotland!  She did such an amazing job pitching in when we needed her and was a fantastic member of our Team.  We are going to really miss her and having Bowie hanging around too!  
The great news is, I think Marisa will be in our lives for a very long time and I know four years will fly by!  We will see y'all soon...  jusqu'à ce que!

Max is my CFO...

He always rides to the bank with us! 


Gonna be a great day today!  
I just HATE rain...  :(

Hi Daddy!

I love this window...

This house is in the Garden District behind the Ann Rice house...  so pretty!

Learning my manners...

and I am getting really good at um!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home invasion robbery reported on Broadway near St. Charles » Uptown Messenger

Wow... You go girl!

Home invasion robbery reported on Broadway near St. Charles » Uptown Messenger:

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My aol address

I posted earlier this week that my computer was "hacked".  I TOTALLY used the wrong word.  My email was compromised and as a result sent tons of spam emails.  I am so sorry if you got one of them.  We have fixed the issue and crossing fingers and paws that it does not happen again!

This means the world to me...

If I were truly to put into words (which is difficult) an expression of having y’all take care of my dogs I have to use a few.  Blessed is first, because you just realize that things happen for a reason.  We spoke and got our walks started right at the pinnacle of my panic with the inconsistency and craziness of other walkers in the city.  I stumbled upon your website and the rest is history.  You and Brad have been just utter blessings to me and my family.  The level of love and care shown for my dogs is beyond anything I could ask for.  Second is grateful, because I trust y’all explicitly.  How often can you truly feel that way?  Having a person stay in your home and see how they use it and leave it speaks VOLUMES of their character.  Bradley is a class act – hands down and left things exactly as he found them.  And I couldn’t be more grateful to have an expectation of that, and come back and just be able to have a total sense of relief that you were not let down and beyond that – it was even better than I expected.  Full notes to read about what they did, how the pups were doing and even when Brad was in and out???!!!  Just awesome and thoughtful.

I know you and Brad are in my life for a reason and I couldn’t be happier to have y’all in it!  I know we will have an ongoing relationship for many years to come!

Thanks a million times over for the consistent and amazing help.  And I love the texts and photos while gone – that was just a great sense of relief to see how relaxed my babies were.

Sending loads of love from me and L and L!

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this... It was totally unexpected and just made my day.  I feel so honored when people allow us into their lives and homes to take care of their babies.  I am blessed to have one heck of a Team!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Made me cry!  

That is cute! Empty but cute...

Is this?

taking your love a little far? 

Y'all she is doing so good...

Only one accident in the crate and only woke up Mom once last PM!

Such a pretty smile!

I love it!

RedRover Training - Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care

Did you see our shout out in the City Bark eNewsletter?

Can you join us for RedRover Training?

Let me know if you need more information!

Jessica Jacob - RN

I am thrilled to announce that next week is Jessica's last week with us.  As you may know, she just finished her Nursing Degree and is now an official RN.  She starts her new role at a a Dialysis Facility in a few weeks.  I am so happy and proud of her.  She started with us in 2006 and took time off for Nursing School.  We have loved having her back but were so hopeful that it would be not long.  I could not be any happier for her.  As I said to the person that checked her reference - "Jessica is one of the most consistent, loving, patient and caring person I have ever known."  It has been a fantastic 6 years and I am so blessed to not only call her a Team Member (if only for one more week) but a friend and little sister for life. 

I am proud of you Jessica!  

Yogurt = Good

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Morning NOLA!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Okay, okay... just another of our new baby!

Hey - Pamela got one too!

She is actually more da bomb than I am.


We love Ms. Pamela!

Our new baby... I can't get enough!


Give me a cookie and...

go - I need to take a nap! 

Growing boy...

Bad hair day!

What a life this one has...

Not to mention the 7 walks/runs she gets in a week!  I want her Mommy to be my Mommy! 

Look y'all - Another new baby!