Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wow - I really needed to get this email today...

Owning a company is no joke. It is so rewarding but can be so challenging. I started to cry when I got this yesterday afternoon. This is why I can't let one person change the culture of my company and how I have done things. 

I would not trust my babies to anyone else. Your team has been loyal to me for over almost 9 years with S and all of her jumpy bad behavior. I remember way back when and still have the journals that document how her crate training was soooooo difficult. I remember you would text me during the day when I was at work as a resident MD to tell me she did not have an accident in the crate and how relieved I was to hear we were making progress if only for that day. I know how challenging it is to deal with these 3 dogs. We both know they are old enough now that they can hold it for a regular work day, but I will not deprive them of their daily visit by your crew because they are my "children." Words can not express how much confidence I have in your team and how appreciative I am that I can go to work knowing they are in good hands. 

Shout out to EB for donating a bag of blankets!

If you have any you can do away with, I will take them!

Erin's Murphy - wants to see what is going on without going outside!

This little face

I missed this post yesterday. I was distracted!

Pamela leaves a little presi before she leaves...

Happy Caturday!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Change is not always easy but when someone does not fit into the culture you have created, easy is the least bit of your worry. Y'all are way to important to me. 

Things are changing and I will let you all know about that "thing". 


Isabelle will not get out of the car!

This dog.

She has been in there for almost 30 minutes. The door is open and all of the windows are down and the AC is cooling  the garage.

She is going to be the death of me.


The amount of last minute travel requests has exceeded any expectations that I had! We are so thankful that you let us take care of your little ones. Keep them coming y'all… We are here for you!

It's playtime!

Him sniffin

Our little queen is back

He has to get as close as he can to your face…

This kid loves the car

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I mean… Right?

This note made me cry... so thankful for y'all!

Oh my gosh is this for real?

Polar bear strokes 'best friend' dog during amazing encounter

We were black lab heavy today and I love it

A serious does this baby look?

Look at this little face…

I watch SportsCenter all day

I am so in love with this German shepherd

These three!

One is too quick to even photograph! But they are ball of fun!

Don't you just love us?

Watching the world go by

Good morning y'all!

Regular MID clients - please let us know who needs us on Thanksgiving Day.

MM, DC y'all are all set. 


Heads up for all of our transport parents


Random… I guess if you need one there's one on the corner of third and Coliseum

The only way to remedy the situation in my opinion, is to just move!

These Pets Just Won The Mannequin Challenge

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Please tell me this is a joke!?!

Even while sleeping, Isabelle can't keep her paws to herself!

This Mom Shaved The Family Dog And Now It’s A Straight-Up Llama

He takes car rides very seriously...

I know we just got back but let's do it again!

Whoop there it is!

This little doodlebug… So cute!

Avoiding eye contact at all cost

Rare occurrence… Being still

I got to meet these EARS today and I YUB them!

Back up


Suddenly everyone realized next week is Thanksgiving... ?!

Us in the AM(s)!

Not really but pretty darn close

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This makes my heart sing...

This face gets me every time


How cute are these two?

After two weeks at the hospital… Finally home!

Y'all - they saved those three cows! 

So serious


This just in...

They rescued the cows! 

Buzz the Boxer Loving John Lewis Advert 2016

The more you know...

105 days until Mardi Gras!

Not really what you hope to see on your corner...

Monday, November 14, 2016

#Supermoon #NOLA

I had one heck of a day today but you know, my "heck of a" days are still amazing because in between the madness,  I get to spend my days playing with babies.

What I thought was going to be a rough end to the day turned around beautifully! More to come on that...

I have had my head buried in my computer and looked up, glanced out and I SAW THE SUPERMOON. I ran outside to take this photo and realized it was just the light mid 8th Street that FINALLY got fixed! A working street light is rare too so the beauty is not lost on me!

Good night readers!