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Ninja - Lone survivor in Dr. Toups car accident...

I received this email today and would hope that we can share information in hopes of finding this baby a home...

Just wanted to share an update on Ninja. As you may recall, Ninja is the lone survivor of the tragic accident on 1-20-11 that claimed the life of Dr. K.C. Toups DVM, Ninja’s canine playmate “Millicent”, and five cats. You can read the story (below) on the homepage of or .

Thank you to everyone who has kept Dr. Toups’ family, friends & co-workers and also Ninja in your prayers.

Ninja’s cervical fractures have fully healed and he has received the green light to run & play and he is loving every minute of recovery. These pictures were taken today (3-10-11). Ninja is enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes and is happy to be alive! Ninja appears to be the picture of health and he is one happy pup. All that’s missing in Ninja’s life is a forever family. Please help me spread this message of Ninja’s recovery in hopes of finding him the forever home that he truly deserves. He has been a trooper through this whole ordeal and it is my hopes and prayers that his life, from here on out, will be filled with nothing but happy moments. He is a very special boy!

Ninja is available for adoption through HOPE for Animals Ninja is approx. 10-12 months old, neutered, h/w negative, up to date with vacs., crate trained and adores the company of other dogs. Please write to me for more info. concerning Ninja or to apply to adopt.

Thank you,

Laura Adams




February 12, 2011, 12:57PM MT
By Patty Meehan, BFAS Outreach Volunteer
Hope for Animals Asks for Prayers and Support, After Losing a Very Valuable Member of Their Team

The rescue world, especially that of south Louisiana and Hope for Animals, recently experienced the very tragic loss of one of its most valuable resources. Veterinarian Dr. K.C. Toups, was killed in an automobile accident, while transporting dogs and cats to a clinic. Also killed in the accident were the five cats and one of the dogs in the vehicle.

The surviving dog, Ninja, was badly injured.

Hope for Animals is asking everyone to offer thoughts and prayers for Dr. Toups' family and friends. He was also a true hero to the animals and will be greatly missed.

Please also keep Ninja in your thoughts for a full recovery. Visit the Hope for Animals website for more information, and for ways to help. A recent update on Ninja's progress notes that he is coming along. Hope for Animals is providing for all care needed, and would be grateful for any donations.

Ninja and Millie
Here is an email sent out by Laura Adams, a Hope for Animals volunteer and Ninja's rescuer. All are encouraged to share with others who may want to help.
January 27th, 2011
Hello fellow animal lovers.
My community (in south Louisiana) has recently suffered a tragic loss. Last Thursday, one of the vets, Dr. K.C. Toups, who works with the rescue group I belong to (HOPE for Animals) was killed in a horrific car accident. He was transporting dogs & cats from one clinic to another. Dr. Toups was only 28 years old. He had been practicing for only two years, but made such an impact on the animal world. In that short time, he helped HOPE with countless homeless animals. He was a wonderfully compassionate, caring man with a strong devotion to animals…he will be sadly missed.
Two weeks prior, I had rescued a bully mix and a cocker spaniel who were roaming together as strays in my area. The two dogs had obviously come from the same home. It was apparent that they had once lived together in the same home because of their strong bond…they were best buddies. I named the cocker Millicent (Millie) for short and my daughter named the bully mix “Ninja”. On the morning that Dr. Toups was killed, Millicent and Ninja were on board. Millicent and 5 cats lost their lives along with Dr. Toups that morning. Ninja survived. He was considered in critical condition for the first few days. He was diagnosed with having a cervical fracture and internal bruising. Today makes one week since the accident happened. Ninja will be transported to a specialist today to have an MRI taken. The vets who are currently treating him are thinking that he may be suffering from soft tissue damage from the cervical injury because he is still in significant pain. He also has a hurt paw that is not broken…they seem to think that he may have some nerve damage. It is my hope and prayer that he will recover fully and be able to live a pain free life.
Please join with me in sharing this story in hopes that Ninja can find the forever home he truly deserves. With all that Ninja has been through, it is my hopes that someone will hear his story and want to give him the life he deserves in a home where he will be able to heal both physically and emotionally. When he does recover fully, wouldn’t it be great if he could have a forever home awaiting him? Ninja is approx. 8-10 months old. He is a very gentle, calm, sweet natured boy. He is heartworm neg. and has been recently neutered. He just adores the company of other dogs.
Ninja is the lone survivor of this senseless, tragic accident. From viewing photos of the wreckage, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Ninja survived. Please join with me in sending healing thoughts and prayers Ninja’s way. Also, please keep Dr. K.C. Toups’ family, friends and co-workers in your thoughts and prayers.
Laura Adams
HOPE for Animals

The little noodle bugs...

hanging by the pool with Barb!

Nice booty...

Baby got back!

Made my day...

He is sitting on the bench.

YouTube Video

SPCA International

Although they have not posted any specifics on their web site yet... SPCA International is going to need all the help they can get. Consider a donation...

Irish Channel Parade ~ tomorrow

Parade starts @ 1pm tomorrow

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PAWS needs our help!! ~ Ceiling Caves, Animal Shelter Floods During Morning Storm - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Ceiling Caves, Animal Shelter Floods During Morning Storm - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Drying our pretty hair...

on this nice blanket on this nice chair!

Save the date y'all! - SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2011

Poor tree...

TrAsh Wednesday - AKA Ash Wednesday...

Is back on track after the great flood this AM! 8th & St. Charles/Prytania are perfect. My house and office are another matter.


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They have the same hair color...

It is over y'all!

Dear Mother Nature:

Thanks so much for doing this today and not yesterday!

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Our gate is getting full!

Owner is moving... wants to put her to sleep.

I hate to hear these stories...what the heck is wrong with these type of people? I think we should put the owner to sleep.

Email from a local rescuer...

This black lab needs a home, I have been trying to find a home for several days. The owner is going out of the country and wanted to put her to sleep. I told him that I would do my best to find a place for her to stay. She is about 8 years old, well behaved, house broken...what to do? Tomorrow I need to tell the owner