Friday, February 10, 2017

Holy moly! Today went off the rails! And the best way possible but my goodness… Now, I will sit down at the computer! Seriously… At four!

Please stay longer…

Quick question… Where has the day gone?



Hanging in the yard is not as fun as Playskool

Why is blogger fighting with me?

Look at this precious thing…

This face...

Good morning world!

This is my walk... I will do what I want to do!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How we all feel at the end of the day....

Recall of Grreat Choice Adult Canned Dog Food

Sending love to mommy and daddy

Please don't go!

The three stooges

Hanging around the city today!

He is so serious

Big fat head

Hi mommy! I bet our day is better than your day!

We will pick up anything you can give… And drop off for you!

I love it

I absolutely love that this happens in our city…

Good morning mommy

Morning Mommy!

In case you miss the real news this week

She loves a car ride!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Finn is back in NOLA. All is well with our world... 

He wants to take them everywhere…


And now, Finn is on his flight back to NOLA! 
The end.

If you can give...

#NOLAtornado @LASPCA doing sweeps in NOE

This is a happy face!

Checking it out...

#NOLA - #NY - And just like that... he is off to live in the BIG APPLE!

Now, I just have to get Finn back! 

#NY - Can you imagine what he is thinking...

I mean... the obvious is "I have to potty"!


They cuddled all the way there! They watched a movie and he looked out of the window. He was absolutely perfect. Now... on to the hand off!

This vacation is amazing!

#NOLA - #NY - 39 more minutes!

Kiss my face!

Rollin out!

His ducks are back!

Half way home! #NOLA - #NY!